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Macro Monday Has Sprung A Spring

Okay, it’s like, 25 degrees right now, but last week it ticked up to 76F, and stayed warm for days — and it’s getting warmer again this week. In February. Fucking bleak-ass winter-faced February. Now, I’m a confessed hater of winter, but when it’s this warm in a month normally hella cold, it’s hard to enjoy the weather when you’re casually imagining polar bears drowning in a boiling sea, y’know? BOY IT’S NICE HA HA HA THE WORLD IS DYING

But, I guess fuck it, it gets me some okay macros. The macros at the very bottom of this post are quick snaps I took outside one warm morning — already some spiders had been out, weaving webs, and the webs had dew on them. Hence, photos. Not great ones, but alas.

Beyond that, anything else going on?


Oh, I dunno, could tomorrow be the return of Miriam Motherfucking Black? It sure is. Miriam is back in Thunderbird, and she’s in Arizona looking for a woman who she believes can end her curse — but in hunting that woman, the path cuts clean through the wrath of a local militia hell-bent on bringing down the government.

The Miriam books are always a blast to write, in that they’re just — you know, they’re full of bad people. Nobody’s really good, everybody’s just various shades of wrong, and yet, Miriam — no angel herself — has to navigate this troubled land to try to find a way forward for herself and those she meets. It’s good bad fun.

If you wanna check it out —

Thunderbird: Indiebound | Amazon | B&N

Also, here’s a great Thunderbird review from B&N:

“In many ways, this is Wendig at his most Wendig-ian: a noir woman kicking ass in the name of truth, justice, and whiskey, doing her best to avert the worst, gritting her teeth through it all. Miriam is not the character we met back in Blackbirds, though her bad habits have stuck around, along with a penchant for the most inventive cursing in the lexicon of the English language. She is more than just an avatar of death: she’s a bonafide hero, damn it. And from the way her journey ends in Thunderbird, with a twist that plunges in like a knife, she’s going to have her work cut out for her over the next two planned books, hero or not. This is a triumphant return to a series that pushes the boundaries of urban fantasy into stranger territory.”

Also, if you want a great Empire’s End review from the New York Daily News

“The pace really picks up in the final major confrontation of the Galactic Civil War, with plenty of tension and personal sacrifice in the various narrative threads, and Wendig’s writing style lends itself well to action here…

Ultimately, “Empire’s End” provides fans with a vital part of the puzzle that links the Original Trilogy and “The Force Awakens” as it finally tells us how a brutal regime came crashing down.”

Seriously, thank you to everyone who has been writing me nice things about the final Aftermath novel. The first book had some, erm, challenging responses, but the response to this book has been way above my expectations. I FLAIL AND GESTICULATE IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION.

Oh! And for the answers to last week’s MYSTERY MACROS:

1. dog tongue / whiskers

2. passion fruit aral inside the fruit itself

3. dog snoot

4. dog eye and fur

5. mesh on a trucker-style baseball hat

6. human tongue (mine)

7. dog tongue (snoobug’s)

8. old tea strainer

9. stikbot toy dog

10. dog snoot 2

11. clothespin spring

I may have to do that again — mystery macros. Maybe a contest?

Now, for this week’s (non-mystery) macros: