Macro Monday Brings The Mystery Macros

So, though the weather was arguably a lot nicer this week than it should’ve been — I mean, it’s the middle of fucking February, usually the most heinous of the winter months, and here it’s 70 degrees out and I’m eating ice cream and wearing short sleeves — I still managed to toodle around inside the house and take some MYSTERIOUS MACRO PHOTOS.

I’ll pop that bounty in below, but real quick:

Hey, tomorrow, it’s Empire’s End.

Then next Tuesday, it’s Miriam Black’s latest, Thunderbird.

Star Wars: Empire’s End: Indiebound | Amazon | B&N

Thunderbird: Indiebound | Amazon | B&N

Also a reminder that I’m doing an event this Saturday in support of both at one of the greatest bookstores in the land, Let’s Play Books, in Emmaus, PA. 4pm on the 25th, details here. (The event is listed as 4pm – 4:45pm, but I have full confidence it’s not going to be 45 minutes only — I’ll be there long as you need me to be.)

AND NOW, MACRO WEIRDNESS. Part of the fun here will be to look at these and to try to figure out what you’re even looking at. It’s a mystery! Get in the van, Scoob! Zoinks!