Flash Fiction Challenge: Apocalypse Now!


It’s time to revivify these challenges, I think, and this time around, let’s lean hard into our current geopolitical poopshow and ponder THE APOCALYPSE.

Except, here’s the deal.

I don’t want you to write THE USUAL APOCALYPSE.

I want you to make one up you have not seen before.

A rare, strange, unparalleled apocalypse. Unexpected. Unwritten.

You have, ohhh, let’s say 1500 words to give us a glimpse of your brand new uniquely-you Apocalypse. Due on (dun dun dun) Friday the 13th, by noon EST. Post at your online space, drop a link in the comments below so we can all read it. Go forth and end the world, my friends, and write a compelling tale to go along with a fitting end.

99 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Apocalypse Now!”

    • Nice. Really makes you think about how much the world resembles a post-apocalyptic dystopia to someone 100, even 50 years ago.
      *Listens to Sound of Silence cover on MySpace*

      • Thank you. 😀

        I’ve been noticing this more and more. People looking at their phones more than looking around at the real world around them… sometimes, I catch myself doing that too. It’s the addiction to it all that makes evil. But it makes us turn completely silent when we are in a room full of others talking.

        My brother has told me off for opening my phone up at his place, when really I’m not being rude, I’m looking for something that has to do with the conversation… and nothing to do with cutting people out. This can be a double-edged sword for us all, can’t it?

    • I like the character of PsychoPampador, makes for a clever nickname.
      I have so many questions though.
      First, which ending would you pick for the story if you could only choose one?
      Would you combined some of them?
      Was the machine L and PP’s creation (I can’t remember how to spell the female lead’s name so I’m just abbreviating) or were there two separate machines that did two separate things, one created by L and the other created by Mr. PP?

      • Thanks for reading! I honestly wouldn’t choose either ending, they’re both so depressing. The machine was Lakshmi’s creation but was funded with PP’s money. There was only the one, but what it ended up doing was sealing everyone in a bubble of their own making so they lived out their greatest desires. Turns out what we really want most is usually not what we really wanted at all. Anyways, Happy New Year, AnonymouseMouse!

  1. I was slightly ahead of you here, as I did this for the last Friday of the year – but I hope you like it.


    I’ve also put together some of your FF ideas and links to randomising websites on a page on my site, in case you have to go awol again. Just so I have somewhere I can find them again! I’ve given you all the credit. Let me know if you feel this is inappropriate.

    Hope the writing, filmifying and daddying is going well, and happy new year!

    • Not at all too similar, and a great read, too. It really makes one think about the words we use in our everyday vernacular, and how much we’d struggle if we had to reduce our vocabulary to single-syllable words.

      May I suggest the sum of three and four is “blurg”?

      • Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate the kind words.

        I love Pontypool, as well – and was thinking about it, as well, as I wrote.

        I’m glad I’ve not trod on your toes, Mr. Urban Spaceman. And “blurg” it is.

        And thanks to you, as well, Skye! I found that the limitation I’d imposed almost forced me to get a little poetic with things.

        I’m glad you guys enjoyed reading it. And I’m thinking about expanding it, perhaps…

    • Grr. Having technical difficulties publishing my comment on your story page, so here it is:

      I love the whole premise of the story, and how the protagonist finds strength through adversity. She’s a real role-model. It’s very true that the world ends for somebody every day, thanks to personal tragedy, misery, suffering, etc. It’s a good take on Chuck’s prompt!

    • Hmm. Can’t see a ‘comment’ button on your Tumblr. Must be a Tumble thing.

      Anyhoo, it was an enjoyable, wacky story that terrified me because I could definitely see this happening. I’ve always thought my cat was too smart for his own good, and that evidence to the contrary was just him FAKING being dumb to throw me off his trail.

      I can’t help but feel sorry for Momo—I mean, Melanie. I have a feeling she’s the Fluffs’ equivalent of Paris Hilton’s bag-dog. Overall, an excellent take on the prompt.

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