Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Macro Monday Gets A Little Frosty

That’s not a recent macro, but I figured given the white stuff that dumped upon a lot of you in the past few days (though we only got a couple inches at most), this macro was appropriate.

Not much else going on, really, of note.

Blackbirds, the first Miriam Black book, remains $1.99 for your e-machine: at B&N, Amazon, AppleKobo and Google Play. So, if you were looking for a cheap and easy way to dive into Miriam Black’s blood-soaked, nicotine-charred world of asphalt and motels and murder, well, there’s no price like the present one.

It is official, too, that the Chinese publisher Beijing White Horse Time procured the rights to publish the next three Miriam books — Thunderbird, The Raptor & The Wren, and Vultures in China. Woo!

Go forth and pin your week to the ground and slay the beast, folks.