Flash Fiction Challenge: The Subgenre Tango

This week, we return to a classic. I will give you 20 subgenres. You will pick two from the list either using a d20 or random number generator (or use tea leaves or falcon guts or something), then you will write a short story that mashes up those two subgenres. (So you might get Kaiju Noir, or Superhero BDSM, or Parallel Universe Whodunit!)

This time, you’ll get 1500 words.

This is due by next Friday (2/12), noon EST.

Post at your online space.

Link to it in the comments below. So we can all read it!


  1. Kaiju
  2. Cli-Fi (Climate Change Fiction)
  3. Southern Gothic
  4. Zombie
  5. Weird West
  6. Mythology
  7. Body Horror
  8. Grimdark Fantasy
  9. Whodunit?
  10. Military Sci-Fi
  11. Comic Fantasy
  12. Technothriller
  13. Superhero
  14. BDSM Erotica
  15. Heist / Caper
  16. Magical Realism
  17. Parallel Universe
  18. Noir
  19. Time Travel
  20. Alien Horror

115 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Subgenre Tango”

  1. The random number generator gave me 10 & 11. (Yes. it did) Turns out it was harder to hit that BDSM erotica number than I thought. But I’ll play by the rules. 🙁

    • It gave me 11 and 12, which, I’m pretty sure I’m not qualified so I re-rolled for 5 and 15. I’m reading A Rope of Thorns right now so that’s pretty close to where my head is anyway, but 1500 words is going to be a challenge. Thinking on it.

      Any other Beths roll an 11?

    • Really, it’s the cosmos that determine which numbers we are given. The idea that any of this is random is purely hegemonic. It was your fate, as BDSM + Body Horror is mine. I’ve written some tawdry stuff before, but believe me, I giggle like a little schoolgirl every time I write a racy scene. But apparently, it’s my lot in life! o_0

  2. using my MDT Tarot deck and only the trumps, I pulled le diable and L’emperatrrise. For those who don’t know, that is 15 and 3. Heist/Caper I know, but WTH is Southern Gothic? Could someone tell me?

    Fabulous idea by the way. I love this.

  3. I got heist/caper and Whodunit? I’m excited and concerned that I can’t pull it off which just makes me more excited. See you soon with a finished product!

  4. Said the voices in my head pick Mythology & Body Horror, pick Mythology & Body Horror. Shut the F*up I screamed from my alien parallel universe

    • Neither of these genres are something I normally read, things related to it, but not these. But, I do these challenges to stretch my writing muscles. I actually took a very fantasy bent to all the whole thing, so its pretty much three genres, rather than two. It was fun to do, though Body Horror seriously grosses me out.

      Warning: There is some gross violence done to unicorns, because I’m a bad person.


  5. Cool! I got Cli-fi/Magic Realism. I’ll put it up tomorrow after I’ve got a chance to re-read without having the bleariness of baby-induced sleep deprivation…or just having had some caffeine.


    And I think that’s my title.

    I got Mythology and BDSM/Erotica the first roll, but that sounded kinda like the gods on a good day, so I rolled again and got Mythology and parallel universe. Which is what I’m writing anyway, with time travel thrown in. Hmmm.

  7. Body Horror
    Comic Fantasy.

    I don’t even know where to begin with that.
    But I am ill and just past feverish, so hopefully a touch of fever dream will give me something.

  8. I first rolled a 2-3; Southern Gothic Zombie. After doing a little research as to what exactly goes into a Southern Gothic tale, it sounds to me that there might a lot of redundancy between the two. There is plenty of wiggle room to play with, and it might be something that might evolve into something bigger. Just in case, I rolled again and got a 19-10.

    Time Traveling Military Sci-Fi… Could think of nothing by Stargate Fan Fiction.

    Went with my first roll. Time to go exploring.

    • Interesting take on the two genres – I was drawn in by the opening scene, especially the “outfit,” which was an awesome visual to start the gears turning.

    • I liked the set-up and the premise of the story; it read like a sort of twisted Percy Jackson story. My one critique would be about the ending. It seems a bit rushed, but certainly that could be fixed in a format longer than flash fiction.

    • Definitely loved the opening; fantastic setup and premise. I think you could’ve used a solid 2K more words with ease, because the ending was a little too rushed for me, but I still loved it.

    • Great stuff, Mariah. The techno part of the techno-thriller was mild but then you can’t do too much with bleeding edge techno junk in 1500 words. I think you handled it superbly. Well done!

  9. Hokay. Mine’s written, but I’ve scheduled it for Thursday, since today’s is already up, and tomorrow’s #140 of Deathwatch. You know, I think I rather enjoyed this one. Half tempted to make it a lot bigger.

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