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Macro Monday: Observatory On The Glob Planet

Part of the joy of macro photography for me is the exploring at that level — getting down on your hands and knees in a three by three square can yield you a world of images. Kicking around a forest is an unholy bounty. This shot was one nabbed doing exactly that — I was toodling around our woods and found an old bottle. The old bottle was open at the top, and inside all manner of gunk and grime and bubbling moss made way for something rather goopy and strange, and so I put the macro lens against the mouth of the bottle and snapped a few pics.

One of them is this photo:

(Click image for larger size.)

It’s fantastic because it looks like something out of another world: an observatory station on a planet of mucus, which is pretty much exactly how I feel right now, having yet another cold gleaned from the preschool petri dish. (Seriously, I am a slow-oozing leak of pine-colored face-tar.) Not only does this image capture what I love about macro photography, but it also captures HOW MY SOUL FEELS RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I HAVE ANOTHER GODDAMN COLD.

*blows nose*


I said as much on Twitter and I’ll repeat it here — young children are covered in a forever sheen of bacteria and viruses. Each child is an individual outbreak monkey. I have learned that having a preschool age child means constantly swimming in pox. We spoke to our family doctor and he’s like YEAH THAT’S PRETTY MUCH YOUR LIFE NOW. GOOD NEWS IS, IF YOU SURVIVE TILL HE’S IN FIRST GRADE YOU’LL HAVE BULLETPROOF IMMUNE SYSTEMS. So, onward to survival.

Happy Monday, flipperfloppers.