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NaNoWriMo Challenge: A Snippet Of Your Work, If You Please

So, Friday I wasn’t able to lock and load a new flash fiction challenge — I got back too late from traveling, and whilst on the road it’s incredibly difficult to actually work on new blog stuff (WordPress in mobile format makes that trickier than I’d like). But, really, that’s probably okay — the flash challenges go by the wayside during the month of November for obvious reasons.

As such, I’d like to posit a different challenge:

Go to your online space.

Grab 1000 words of your NaNoWriMo work-in-progress (or, really, even if you’re not participating, any WIP of yours), and slap those 1000 words online for all to see.

Grab the 1000 best words — or, at least, the ones with which you are the happiest.

Then link that post back here in the comments.

That’s it.

No criticism necessary.

Just sharing the work. Camaraderie and commiseration.