Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Zer0es Price Drop, The Goodreads Choice Awards, And More

Some quick news bits:

First, Zer0es on Amazon Kindle is $1.99 for the week — ending Cyber Monday, I believe! Feel free to go check it out, and if you care to spread the word, then I will Cyber Hug you. I mean, only if you want. ONLY CONSENSUAL CYBER-HUGS. Otherwise, it’ll be a long-distance cyber-high-five. Anyway! If you want a book about five very different hackers going up against a sinister self-aware NSA surveillance program, please to enjoy for under two bucks, limited time only, free Cinnabon with purchase wait not so much that last part.

Second, the Goodreads Choice Awards is still open for voting until the end of today. And AFTERMATH was written in during the last round (yay). So, go vote for it or any other book that you love. Lots of great books demanding your attention there.

Third, I’ll be at Main Point Books in Bryn Mawr this coming Saturday at 10AM for Small Business Saturday — lots of bookstores are having authors hang out that day, so check with your local indies. Love your local bookstore, folks.

Finally, had a great event in Charlotte this past week courtesy of Queens University, where I actually attended school when I was a WEE, BARELY-BEARDED COLLEGIATE. Thanks to Mike Kobre and Melissa Bashor for having me, and to the great engaged audience (including members of the 501st!). Thanks to Park Road Books for selling books, too. Plus got to see some old friends (who I got to spend far too little time with thanks to a very limited schedule).