Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Thimbles Full Of News Slurry

Some quick newsy bits of note:

First up, readers have written-in Star Wars: Aftermath to the Goodreads Choice Awards under the Best Sci-Fi Books of 2015 category, so thank you! That category and all the others have an overwhelmingly awesome array of books, so, y’know, go vote for some. And if you do end up voting for Aftermath, hey, thank you a whole buncha bunches.

Next: Zer0es is one of Amazon’s best books of 2015 in the sci-fi and fantasy category, putting me in truly enviable company. Thanks to Amazon, and hope you guys check the book out. (Oh, and an audio version is in the works!)

And reminder! Tomorrow night! 6:30PM, me and Adam Christopher will be at the Doylestown Bookshop. He’ll be talking Made to Kill. I’ll be talking Star Wars and Zer0es. We’ll both be talking The Shield. It’ll be awesome. BE THERE, PA/NJ/DE HUMANS.

Next Thursday is my Charlotte appearance, too.

And, uhh. THAT’S IT, I GUESS.

*flings down smoke bomb*

*coughs because of smoke*

*why do I keep buying these*

*stupid smoke*