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Flash Fiction Challenge: Time To Create A Character

This challenge is a little different. I like doing some different things here now and again, so — instead of writing a story, I want you to create a character.

You can create the character in whatever mode you choose, with the one caveat:

Keep it under 250 words.

Encapsulate the character in that limit.

You can use a story to highlight the character.

Or just a clinical analysis of who the character is.

You can decide what makes a good character and what goes into this.

Then, next week, you will offer that character up onto the altar of the next flash fiction challenge — folks may borrow your character and take them on a test drive through a new piece of fiction.

Dig? Dug? Good.

You’ve got one week.

Write it at your blog.

Link back here.

Due by Friday, 8/28, noon EST.