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A Brief Post About Comments And Comment Moderation

Some folks have correctly noted that on some weekends, comment moderation slows to a crawl, and I’ll take the heat for that one. Let me tell you why that is and what’s going on here —


Okay, not really bees.

First, comments by new users or by folks putting in links generally are left to moderation. That helps keep this website from becoming a septic shitbucket in terms of the comments section.

Second, I’ve been traveling a lot — once every week or two weeks, it seems — in support of ZER0ES. Which means I’m not actually in front of my computer, which leaves moderation of this website to my phone or iPad, which can be spotty at best.

Third, to prevent breaches of the site (or attempted breaches), my web provider makes it so that one cannot log on to this site unless from a trusted source. Traveling, therefore, means I have to add an exception to that list of trusted sources in order to even log on, which sometimes doesn’t happen in time to actually get comments moderated.

So, apologies for delays in moderating comments, folks!

It should ease up once the summer is over and my travel schedule lessens.