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Nerdtivity: A Winner, And Time For You To Vote

Well, well, well.


So, Kevin and I? We picked our favorite. So many good options but this one was like a meteorite of pure awesome striking us each in our manly mega-beards.

That up there, that’s #4 in the list, and it’s our favorite of the bunch.

Of our winning entry, Kevin says:

There is so much to love in this scene, but what makes it tops for me is the stuff in the background. The Dark Lord of the Sith is an ominous portent but he’s completely destroyed by the friendly Abominable Snowman cannonballing out of the sky. Vader’s red phallic symbol, usually held like an aggressive Viagra boner, is at half mast in deference to the joy of the Snowman. The Force is strong with him, and with so much else in this entry. Bravo!

I, too, am a huge fan of the cannonballing Bumble. Also: Xenomorph! Rocket! Jack! Slimer.

I want to live inside that Nativity. LET ME LIVE THERE.

So: Tiffany and Eric? Congratulations!

And now, it’s your turn to vote.

Here’s how this works.

You will click this link and gaze in awe at the Nerdtivity 2014 gallery.

You will choose your single favorite Nerdtivity and you will post the number of that photo (note: each photo is numbered!) in the comments below. DO NOT CHOOSE NUMBER FOUR because, duh, Kevin and I already picked that one, nyah nyah nyah. (Inevitably, one of you will vote for #4 anyway, and your vote will be disqualified because you did not read carefully enough.)

You have till Sunday night (12/21), 11:59PM EST to vote.

Then, next week, I’ll tally the votes and we’ll pick the top two winners and pick a random two winners (and those folks will win the prizes dictated in the original Nerdtivity rules post).

You can vote one time only.

And I think that’s that.

So: get to voting, nerds.