Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Your Own Year-End Wrap-Up

It’s that time.

That time where I want you to dig deep, grit your teeth, and pick your absolute FAVORITE THINGS OF THE YEAR. In each, you will pick one favorite thing — not three, not two. I want you to imagine that someone is dangling you over a pit, and in the pit is this goose. This goose will hurt you if you do not play by the rules. He’ll hurt you, your family, your friends. This is not a nice goose.

So: play by the rules.

Here, then, are the questions. Answer ’em in the comments as you see fit.

1) Favorite novel of the year?

2) Favorite non-fiction book of the year?

3) Favorite short story of the year?

4) Favorite movie of the year?

5) Favorite TV show of the year?

6) Favorite song of the year?

7) Favorite album?

8) Favorite video game?

9) Favorite app?

10) Favorite [something else] of the year?

(Number ten is deliberately vague. Favorite toy? YouTube video? Movie trailer? Favorite meal? Friend? Sexual experience? Favorite planet, dog, tree, serial killer, time-traveling robot — ?! Your choice.)