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The Blue Blazes: Kindle Daily Deal!

WINNER: "You Don't Mess With A Get-Em-Girl"

Yoinks and Gadzooks!

The Blue Blazes today is a Kindle Daily Deal.

Which puts this book at a sweet $1.99 for your Kindle device or app.

“Rounded off with an emotional finale, The Blue Blazes is a serious contender for book of the year.” — Alister Davison, Starburst Magazine

“There’s something gloriously unhinged about the crazy mix of fantasy, horror and crime-fic that is The Blue Blazes.” — Stefan Raets,

The book details the events of a knee-breaker named Mookie Pearl who stands between the rock that is the criminal underworld and the hard place that is the very real mythical and monstrous Underworld that exists beneath the streets of Manhattan. He thinks he’s got it all figured out until his own daughter rises against him and his organization.

The book contains, in no specific order:

Gobbos, Snakefaces, Trogbodies, cankerpedes, milk spiders, the Five Occulted Pigments, a roller derby girl gang, charcuterie, pierogies, daemon families, god-worms, Half-and-Halfs, mad cartographers, guns, fists, family strife, the zombie town of Daisypusher, cleavers, Sandhogs, magic mushrooms, an old goat, a hell-driving four-wheeler, goblin temples, and more.

I do hope you’ll check it out. I’m thisclose to finishing the sequel, The Hellsblood Bride, which releases before the end of the year. And then a third book will be coming soon after…


Nab it before Hell swallows it up once more.

(Oh, and tell your friends! AND FOES.)