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Flash Fiction Challenge: Life Is Hell

Last week’s challenge: Five Random Words.

This week’s challenge is as straightforward or as oblique as you care to make it:

I want you to write a story about Hell.

Now, this can be a literal Hell.

It can be a literal Hell from actual religion.

It can be a Hell of your own design and desire.

It can be a metaphorical or figurative Hell.

The story needn’t take place in Hell — but it needs to touch on the idea or the metaphor in some way or fashion. Feel free to get creative with the idea — don’t feel constrained by precise definitions (though you can be, if you choose to be).

I put up this challenge as a bit of a nod to the fact that my own Hell-book, The Blue Blazes, is today a Kindle Daily Deal. (And here I’m shamelessly elbowing you to see if you care to check it out.) Plus, I’m writing the sequel, now, so I too will be writing about Hell this morning!

You’ve got 1000 words. Due in a week — in by noon EST on Friday, 4/11. Post the story at your online space, then drop a link back to that story in the comments below.

Welcome to Hell.

We have such sights to show you.