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Flash Fiction Challenge: Somethingpunk

Last week’s challenge: “Four Random Items.”

I wrote this book. It’s out now, and for a subgenre, I sometimes laughingly call it “cornpunk.”

This week, I’m over at Scalzi’s Whatever talking about the Big Idea behind the book, screaming a bit about corn and GMOs and Monsanto and marriage equality and raising a child and — well, hell, just go read it. Point is, I talk a little about the origins of “cornpunk.”

And now, this week’s challenge, I want you to come up with your own something-punk.

Preferably something that hasn’t been done before (cyber- steam- diesel- bug- etc.).

You’ve got 1000 words.

Due in one week’s time: August 9th, noon EST.

I’ll pick three random participants to get signed copies ofΒ Under the Empyrean Sky (if you’re in the US; I can send internationally if you want to pony up the shipping).

Go forth and write, ‘punkers.