Flash Fiction Challenge: Four Random Items

Last week’s challenge: “Plot Scenario Generator.”

This week’s challenge is pretty straight-up simple:

I’m going to give you ten random items.

You must pick four and incorporate all four into a single piece of flash fiction (~1000 words).

Those items are:

An unopened envelope.

A dead man’s guitar.

A rocking chair.

A chess piece.

A road sign.

A child’s toy.

A leather mask.

An animal skull.

An iron horseshoe.

A police officer’s badge.

Your story is due by next Friday, August 2nd, noon EST.

Post at your online space and link back here. Whaddya waiting for? Get writing!

131 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Four Random Items”

  1. This ended up being nearly 3000 words. It was a bitch getting it down to the bare bones, nitty gritty. Hemingway would be proud.

    But I needed to submit this. After a long time of self-doubting, hemming and hawing, and just making lame excuses, Chuck has inspired me to write. Specifically, it was him tell me that “I will Taser you in the face, nipples, butthole, and genitals” if I didn’t get me ass in gear and write.

    Chuck, you make a difference. And you’ve saved me life. I hope someone reads and enjoys this story. I plan to be a regular contributor on here now.

    My objects were: a police officer’s badge, a rocking chair, a road sign, and an unopened envelope.

    Enjoy: http://jerboydstun.wordpress.com/

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