Flash Fiction Challenge: Another Roll Of The Dice

Last week’s challenge: “Bad Dads.”

Once again, get out your d20s and d10s (or just click on over to the random number generator) because it’s time to randomly choose the aspects of your flash fiction. The instructions are as follows:

On the subgenre table below, pick two subgenres. Mash them sonsa-bitches up into one story. Then, roll once from the subsequent two lists (Must Feature and Must Also Feature). Then, write 1000 words or so of your flash fiction story. Post at your space. Link back here.

Due by next Friday, June 28th, noon EST.


  1. Grimdark Fantasy
  2. Post-Apocalyptic
  3. Techno-Thriller
  4. Paranormal Romance
  5. Alternate History
  6. Superhero
  7. Comedy
  8. Southern Gothic
  9. Nanopunk
  10. Haunted House
  11. Dying Earth
  12. Conspiracy Thriller
  13. Sword & Sorcery
  14. Noir
  15. Grindhouse
  16. Magical Realism
  17. Picaresque
  18. Erotica
  19. Dieselpunk
  20. Occult Detective

Must Feature

  1. A dead enemy’s revenge
  2. A hidden compartment
  3. A bottle of rare liquid
  4. A powerful weapon
  5. A mythological bird
  6. A locked door
  7. A disturbing diary
  8. An ancient book
  9. A dying wish
  10. A forbidden love

Must Also Feature

  1. A mysterious stranger
  2. A perilous journey
  3. A key made of bone
  4. A troublesome dog
  5. A dual personality
  6. A pool of blood
  7. A secret room
  8. A broken heart
  9. A tremendous reward
  10. A massive feast

173 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: Another Roll Of The Dice”

    • Very smooth piece of writing. You worked all of the themes into the story without making it obvious you were doing so. One of the best stories I’ve (belatedly) read for this challenge!

    • Interesting story, but I found it a little hard to follow. Obviously it’s hard to do a lot in just 1000 words, but I really had very little sense of what was happening (could just be me =D). Also, some of the phrasing was hard to make sense of, such as “Her presumed fear enough for the door man to crack an obscene smile as the other entered”.

      A lot of the writing was really good, I like your overall style, just a few places where it left me scratching my head. I’ve done a couple of these challenges and find them really useful for improving my writing. Hope to see you again next week!

      • I don’t think it’s just you, more work needed 😉 Thanks for taking a look, I’ll probably take a hatchet to some of the phrasing to see if I can fix it, maybe allowing a few more words would help. Glad you liked it despite the oddness!
        This was fun to write and hopefully will help me improve too, so I’ll probably be back next week 🙂

  1. Thank you! To be honest, I actually considered re-rolling when erotica came up, but I’m glad I didn’t. And I’m looking forward to reading your own take on it when I get a free moment at weekend!

  2. This comment was meant to be in reply to Jasmine, but it appeared at the bottom of the comments list. So, trying again in the hopes it ends up in the right place!

    Thank you! To be honest, I actually considered re-rolling when erotica came up, but I’m glad I didn’t. And I’m looking forward to reading your own take on it when I get a free moment at weekend!

  3. […] week challenge at Chuck Wendig’s blog http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2013/06/21/flash-fiction-challenge-another-roll-of-the-dice/ was a combination of choice and dice roll.  Pick your genres, and roll your requirements. I […]

  4. Okay, so I drew grindhouse (no, seriously, what IS that? Needs Wikipedia.) , occult detective, an ancient book and a pool of blood. Doable enough for my first challenge, I hope. Three days to hammer something out

    • Seth, I replied on your blog, but wanted to repeat here. Overall I liked it, but the flashback-POV-change confused me. It wasn’t until the very end that I realized what had happened.
      keep writing.

  5. Okay, you bastard. I got “Superhero”, “Dying Earth”, “A locked door” and “A mysterious stranger”. Just to be an adventurous jerk (and to see if I could pull it off; I probably shouldn’t have read the Rantypants list before I wrote this), this is 965 words, with the first 879 being nothing but dialogue.


  6. […] of romanticism. You can read the other challengers’ stories through the comment section of Chuck Wendig’s website, and also some of my wedbriefs friends who are writing this week… LM Brown  Tali Spencer Cia […]

  7. Based on my results, I’m going to end up with the infamous Red Wedding from Game of Thrones.

  8. My first challenge – Dust – http://libbyscribbles.com/2013/06/27/dust/

    I rolled Southern Gothic, Dying Earth and the locked door and bone key (talk about luck to get both key and door). I’ve interpreted ‘southern’ as the British south coast because… well, I’m a Brit and my interpretation of the Southern US would probably be unintentionally and hilariously awful.

  9. I got ParaNormal Romance and Superhero with an ancient book, a locked door, and a broken heart. Dang. I hardly even know what a paranormal romance is. I just pantsed the thing and it came out way too long. But the story fit the prompt of an anthology I want to submit to so I’m not posting it on my blog. I’m going to clean the puppy up and submit it for publishing. Thanks for that random generator!

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