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Flash Fiction Challenge: Another Roll Of The Dice

Last week’s challenge: “Bad Dads.”

Once again, get out your d20s and d10s (or just click on over to the random number generator) because it’s time to randomly choose the aspects of your flash fiction. The instructions are as follows:

On the subgenre table below, pick two subgenres. Mash them sonsa-bitches up into one story. Then, roll once from the subsequent two lists (Must Feature and Must Also Feature). Then, write 1000 words or so of your flash fiction story. Post at your space. Link back here.

Due by next Friday, June 28th, noon EST.


  1. Grimdark Fantasy
  2. Post-Apocalyptic
  3. Techno-Thriller
  4. Paranormal Romance
  5. Alternate History
  6. Superhero
  7. Comedy
  8. Southern Gothic
  9. Nanopunk
  10. Haunted House
  11. Dying Earth
  12. Conspiracy Thriller
  13. Sword & Sorcery
  14. Noir
  15. Grindhouse
  16. Magical Realism
  17. Picaresque
  18. Erotica
  19. Dieselpunk
  20. Occult Detective

Must Feature

  1. A dead enemy’s revenge
  2. A hidden compartment
  3. A bottle of rare liquid
  4. A powerful weapon
  5. A mythological bird
  6. A locked door
  7. A disturbing diary
  8. An ancient book
  9. A dying wish
  10. A forbidden love

Must Also Feature

  1. A mysterious stranger
  2. A perilous journey
  3. A key made of bone
  4. A troublesome dog
  5. A dual personality
  6. A pool of blood
  7. A secret room
  8. A broken heart
  9. A tremendous reward
  10. A massive feast