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Flash Fiction Challenge: Game Of Aspects, Redux

Last week’s challenge: “Write What You Know

It’s the Game of Aspects, and you know the drill.

Grab a ten-sided die or click over to a random number generator.

Choose three random numbers between 1-10.

That corresponds to a subgenre / setting / element to include.

Those are now the parameters of your story.

(So, you might randomly get: superhero / Titanic / love letter, for instance.)

You have — well, let’s up the numbers a bit. You have 1500 words.

Due by next Friday, March 1st, at noon EST.

Post at your blog or online space. Link back here in the comments.

Now go forth and randomize!


  1. Superhero
  2. Erotic Fairy Tale
  3. Sword & Sorcery
  4. Slasher Horror
  5. Bumbling Detective
  6. Time Travel Romance
  7. Zombie Apocalypse
  8. Parallel Universe
  9. Technothriller
  10. Magical Realism


  1. High school prom
  2. On board the Titanic
  3. In a vampire’s subterranean lair
  4. At the gates of the Garden of Eden
  5. A shopping mall
  6. A Martian greenhouse
  7. The capital city of a lost civilization
  8. A king’s throne room
  9. An amusement park after dark
  10. In the home of the gods

Element To Include

  1. Warring Families
  2. A Love Letter
  3. A Puzzle Box
  4. Elves
  5. A Talking Sword
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. A Mysterious Stranger
  8. A Lost Painting
  9. A Dream
  10. A Magical Pocketwatch