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Flash Fiction Challenge: Super-Ultra-Mega Game Of Aspects

Last week’s challenge: The Game Of Aspects, Redux

Get your d10.

Go to your random number generator.

It’s time to pick from five categories. All five! DO IT DO IT NOW.


This time, I’ll give you 2,000 words.

Post at your blog or online space.

Link back here.

Due by next Friday, March 8th, noon EST.


  1. Weird West
  2. Epic Fantasy
  3. Monster (Vampire, Werewolf, etc.) Erotica
  4. Southern Gothic
  5. Time Travel
  6. Lovecraftian
  7. Space Opera
  8. Psychological Thriller
  9. Hardboiled
  10. Sci-Fi Satire


  1. The Rainforest
  2. An Opium Den
  3. The Zoo
  4. Center of the Earth
  5. Inside Someone’s Mind
  6. The Devil’s Palace
  7. An Art Museum
  8. On A Form Of Public Transportation (Bus, Plane, Taxi, Etc.)
  9. The Villain’s Lair
  10. A Popular Nightclub on Friday Night


  1. Revenge!
  2. Haunted by Guilt!
  3. Love Triangle!
  4. Ecological Disaster!
  5. A Difficult Choice!
  6. Abduction!
  7. Political Maneuvering!
  8. A Ticking Clock!
  9. Betrayal!
  10. Temptation Versus Virtue!

Aspect To Include

  1. A mysterious locket
  2. A rare bird
  3. A bad dream
  4. A lever-action rifle
  5. A forbidden book
  6. A treasure map
  7. A piece of undiscovered technology
  8. A monkey
  9. A severed hand
  10. A small town


  1. Chaos always trumps order
  2. Love will save the day
  3. Love will fuck everything up
  4. Vanity is man’s downfall
  5. Nature is man’s greatest enemy
  6. Man’s greatest enemy is himself
  7. Sex is power
  8. Never make a deal with the devil
  9. Mankind’s imperative is to discover
  10. Innocence can never be regained