Flash Fiction Challenge: The Wheel, Part Two

Last week’s challenge: “Spin The Wheel.” (So many entries!)

The past challenge was rather successful, so — I think we’re going to do it again.

I love these “games of aspects.” Eeeee!

Ahem. Anyway. So! Another set of random parameters for you to choose from, whether by rolling a d10 or using a random number generator like this one right here.

As usual, you’ve got 1000 words. Post it at your online space. Link back here.

You have one week. Due by Friday the 18th, noon EST.

Randomly choose one (or if you don’t want random and hate fun, pick one) from each:


  1. Weird West
  2. Comic Fantasy
  3. Wuxia
  4. Bad Girls In Prison
  5. Zombie Apocalypse
  6. Alien Abduction
  7. Lovecraftian
  8. Teenage Noir
  9. Steampunk
  10. Locked Room Mystery


  1. Betrayal by a loved one!
  2. Need to hide a body!
  3. Someone’s been poisoned!
  4. The character is being hunted!
  5. Enemy at the gates!
  6. Heist gone wrong!
  7. Man versus nature!
  8. Man versus technology!
  9. Revenge!
  10. Family torn apart!

Must Feature:

  1. Demonic possession
  2. A forbidden book
  3. A mysterious stranger
  4. A bottle of rare whiskey
  5. A vengeful god
  6. Someone gone or going mad
  7. A suitcase full of money
  8. Carnival folk
  9. A secret message
  10. A hidden tunnel

102 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Wheel, Part Two”

  1. I am not going to enter this contest. I did, however, just buy Mockingbirds and Blackbirds. As soon as I can figure out which one I’m supposed to read first, I will dive in!!!!!! #ilovechuck

  2. There is, really, no such thing as random. Clearly, the random gods meant for me to enter this contest, and meant for me to choose “zombie apocalypse,” because OF COURSE, and “hunted,” because of the tie-in and, well, SHAMELESS RIP-OFF of a classical work of fiction, and “whiskey”, because it is by-God five o’clock somewhere. So I give you THOR SLAYMASTER’S DANGEROUS GAME.


    You’re welcome, America.

  3. 1,2,10 This does’t seem to hard I just kind of wish the random number generator had given me something a little weirder.

    • I was very impressed with this work. You were able to merge the (3) selections in a very unique way. You also did a great job on the ‘language’ of it – it ‘flavored’ the writing. Loved it.

  4. Rather enjoyed this and pleased that the gods of story gave me three things that turned out to be a prequel to another idea I’d had a while back. I give you, 1. Weird West, 5. Enemy at the gates and 6. Someone gone or going mad. Or as I called it, “Sunset”.

    Hope you enjoy and happy for any feedback.


    • My goal is to do at least 75% of the challenges. It’s far more ambitious then I normally am but I, like you, feel that at least some of my stories will not be totally craptacular

  5. Had to cheat a little. First two genres I rolled I didn’t even know what they’d look like. (What IS Wuxia?). So I took comic fantasy and then rolled 3 & 6. Halitor the Hero (or maybe Halitosis the Hero) coming soon. . .

  6. Oh yeah – 7, 6, 8 – Lovecraftian : Heist gone wrong! : Carnival Folk !!!
    I wrote it from the standard H.P. (almost the modern found-footage-type film) docu-style creeptastic mystery. I got it to 1060 words and cut it back to 995.

    I hope this is even close to as enjoyable to read as it was to write – I honestly had a blast writing this one!

    Here is “Case #207”

    • Well done, Dave. I enjoyed more than one chuckle. Having encountered a few police reports, I couldn’t help but imagine how the readers of these would react. This was a fun read.

    • A Native American friend of mine used to comment on the laughter of crows…I completely enjoyed this story. I found it elegant, with twisted humor and wonderful characters. Thank you for a fine read.

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