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The Qwillery Debut Author Cover Battle!

The end of the year came and I’m happy as hell that Blackbirds made it onto a bunch of best of lists, but I’m just as happy that the cover made it onto so many lists, too — the Joey Hi-fi cover, in my mind, deserves all the kudos it can get. It’s a cover that far outshines the novel I wrote and I am eager to be its champion.

So, forgive the intrusion, but we’ve one more battle left to fight.

The Qwillery Battle debut author cover challenge ends at the end of the day (11:59pm). It’s been a two-week battle, a fierce and snarling challenge between Blackbirds and another ass-kicking Angry Robot book, Chris Holm’s Dead Harvest.

Dead Harvest is, of course, a cover deserving of its laurels — it’s a stellar emblem of how a great cover designer can do something that conjures old elements (in this case, those of pulp novels) and executes in a fresh way. (That cover is designed by studio Amazing15.)

Further, Chris Holm is a writer of immense talent. You should be reading him.

Just the same, I once more cannot let the challenge go by without giving it my all.

I mean, ye gods, look at that Blackbirds cover. Look at it. I SAID LOOK AT IT.

Take at least two hours to just stare at it. I’m happy to duct tape your face to the monitor.

You know, if it helps.

It’s a beautiful cover! A staggering piece of starkly-painted art! My jaw drops every time I see it.


Right now, Blackbirds is down, folks. The tick-tock of the clock reminds us that the battle will soon be over. Go! Hurry! Vote! Vote for your favorite cover which may or may not be Blackbirds but if it is Blackbirds then we shall cross a meadow in slow-motion with giddy looks on our faces and when when we get close to one another we will leap into the air toward one another and freeze-frame high-five as the credits roll over us.

Or something.

What I’m saying is, I appreciate your patience in me yammering on about stuff like this.

And I’d appreciate your vote.

Click here to go to the challenge.

*freeze-frame high-five*

*credits roll*