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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Epic Game Of Aspects Redux

I’ve gotten a lot of people telling me how much they loved the previous Game of Aspects challenges, so —


And we’ll do it even bigger this time.

But! Before we do, I need your help.

Or, someone’s help.

I want to do this game of aspects thing as a website. Like, imagine that there’s a website that every time you click it, it gives you a new combination of flash fiction story seeds based off these types of lists. Maybe there’s a front page that lets you customize some aspect — maybe no front-page. I dunno. Anyone out there savvy enough to talk me through this? You can hit me up in the comments or at my terribleminds-at-gmail-dot-com email address. My thanks in advance, you wonderful humans.

Now, onto the game.

This time, again you can either go do the Random Number Generator at, or you can instead use a d20. Not a d10 this time, word-whippers. A MOTHERFUCKING d20.

So, let’s get on with it. You know the drill — you’ve got three categories below

You’ve got Subgenre / Conflict / Element to Include.

Pick one from each category either randomly or by your own hand (though randomly is the most fun), then write a flash fiction short story no longer than 1000 words. Post at your online space, link back to it in the comments here, and voila. Easy-peasy, George-and-Weezy.

Oh, EDIT: Due by Friday, October 5th, noon EST. I won’t pick favorites until after that weekend is over, as I’ll be in Loverly Georgia (state, not country), at the Crossroads Writing Conference.

Once again, as I’m having so much fun with this, I’ll send my favorite story a prize.

No idea what the prize is. We’ll just call it a MYSTERY BOX.

On with the lists!


1. Men’s Adventure

2. Dieselpunk

3. Post-Apocalyptic

4. Southern Gothic

5. Comic Fantasy

6. Superhero

7. Hardboiled

8. Wuxia

9. Weird West

10. Wild West

11. Yuri

12. Whodunit

13. Science-Fantasy

14. Magic Realism

15. Spy Thriller

16. Black Comedy

17. Alien Invasion

18. Time Travel

19. Twisted Fairy Tale

20. Fanfiction

Conflict / Problem

1. Lover’s Quarrel!

2. Civil War!

3. Heist Gone Wrong!

4. Assassin!

5. Abduction!

6. Exiled!

7. Haunted By The Past!

8. Sins Of The Father!

9. Betrayed!

10. A Changed World!

11. Trapped!

12. A Quest For Something!

13. A Quest For Someone!

14. Revenge!

15. Enemies At The Gate!

16. Family Thrown Apart!

17. Disease!

18. Lost!

19. Get The Band Back Together!

20. Sanctioned Competition!

Element to Include

1. Unicorn

2. Sentient Supercomputer

3. Sea Monster

4. Plane (or Spaceship) Crash

5. A Dead Body

6. A Summoning Ritual

7. A Hallucination

8. Flying Monkeys

9. A Hologram

10. The Devil

11. A Dirty Magazine

12. An Ancient Sword

13. The Restless Dead

14. A Gourmet Meal

15. A Severed Hand

16. Poisonous Snakes

17. A Black Hole

18. Some Manner Of Werecreature/Shapeshifter

19. A Talking Tree

20. Heaven