Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

It’s Fall, So I’m Hankering For Games

I don’t know why I get geeky for games come fall.

Maybe it’s because a lot of big tentpole game releases release come autumn.

Maybe it’s because the weather gets colder and that means come night it’s time to hunker down under a blanket with a bottle of liquor, no pants, and an Xbox controller.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been preprogrammed by our alien overlords to feel this way.


Point is, I’m kinda hankering for games.

So. Make some recommendations.


I have an Xbox 360.

I have a Mac.

I have iPhone / iPad.

Bonus points if you throw in the consideration of:

I do not have a metric buttload of time. Between the baby, the puppy, and, oh yeah, this whole writing thing, I always have less time than I expect when it comes to committing to games. So, any game recommendation is good, but games that require a reduced time commitment are even awesomer.

Also: feel free to recommend stuff coming out that I am not yet aware of.

Let the rec’s begin.