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Flash Fiction Challenge: The Crooked Tree

Last week’s challenge exhorted you to “Choose Your Setting.” Check out the stories.

I took that image above.

It’s a snapshot of a crooked tree in some fog (a tree that is, so you should know, no longer present — it broke and is gone). It’s maybe one of my favorite images — I’m a woefully amateurish photographer and when I take a shot that looks like something more than my intent for it rather than less, I’m always pleased.

And I think this photo has a lot of story potential.

What kind of potential? Well, that’s on you.

Horror, fantasy, literary, whatever.

You have up to 1000 words.

Post at your online domicile, link back here.

You’ve got till Friday, June 22nd, at noon (EST).

Tell us about that crooked tree, won’t you?