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Two Ways To Win A Copy Of Blackbirds


I’m going to give away two mass market paperback copies of Blackbirds.

Er, first, though, watch that video up there — Book Show Book Show! I’d not seen this show before and thought it brimming with a foamy head of hilarity. And of course Danny was kind enough to review Blackbirds with equal dollops of hilarity-foam (at around the 6:15 mark).

Oh! And you can hear me talk about the book (and roadkill, profanity, elk masturbation) here.

Finally, come by the Doylestown Bookshop! Friday, June 22nd. 7pm. ‘Cause I’ll be there signing!

Okay, back to the giveaway.

I’m giving away two copies.

You’ve two ways to get one of these copies.

First way: in the comments below post your own “famous last words.” No more than 50 words, please. Your deathbed saying can be poignant or hilarious or sad or weird or whatever. My favorite will get a copy of the book. Only enter one such comment, please. If you start posting a bunch of entries, I’ll delete you and I’ll do donuts on your lawn in a garbage truck.

Second way: tweet the following —

I’d kill for a copy of BLACKBIRDS, by @ChuckWendig. Would you? #carpetnoodle

That hashtag is key. So is the link (which takes folks to this very page). Only tweet this once, please.

I’ll choose someone randomly from the tweets.

You have until 9AM EST on Friday (6/15) to get in your entries.

You may enter each once time only — and yes, you can enter both.

I’ll pay for shipping if you’re in the United States.

Internationally, the shipping is on you, my friendly little ducks.