Flash Fiction Challenge: “The Fire Of The Gods”

Last week’s “I’ve Chosen Your Words” challenge was a tricky one, but some admirable tales came out of that one. You will go and check it out, won’t you? Good.

This week, I talked a bit about creativity and said that it was the fire we stole from the gods.

And I thought, “Hmm. Fire.”




Last week I gave you words, this week, I give you a title:

Your story will be titled: “The Fire of the Gods.”

And that’s it. That’s all I demand of you.

Well, besides the standard parameters, of course. The story must be under 1000 words. Post it at your blog (not in the comments here, or I may delete it), then link back so we can all see it.

You’ve got the traditional week. Get the stories in by Friday, March 23rd, noon EST.

Now write, won’t you?

57 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: “The Fire Of The Gods””

  1. The novel I’m shopping has so much that would fit this bill. I’m a pyro and a mythology geek and wrote several versions of tricksters stealing fire. NOW you have this. LOL Alright, back to the smithy with me.

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