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Carving Myths And Gospels In The Surface Of Blackbloom

As you know, the Gods of Blackbloom have been chosen.

And we know a great many other awesome things about Blackbloom, too.

Best of all, a Wiki is slowly forming (but will need your help to get it there):

And now, we come to what I think may be my favorite worldbuilding exercise.

I want to hear some myths and legends and gospels of the aforementioned gods of Blackbloom.

You’re going to write them.

You have free rein as to how you write them. As flash fiction? As an epic poem? As a professor giving a lecture, as a man telling the myth to his children around a fire?

You have no more than 1000 words.

I’d recommend focusing on one or two gods in a myth — myths that claim many gods will be harder to reconcile with the other myths written in this exercise. Plus, that lets you strike more succinctly.

Further, don’t forget that myths cover a broad spectrum — creation myths, apocalyptic myths, myths of love, myths of trickery, journeys into the underworld, heroic tales, morality lessons, and so forth.

You have two weeks.

Return to us on the Eve of Christmas Eve — December 23rd, by noon, Friday.

I will choose my favorites —

Er, though perhaps not that day given that, well, that’s a holiday weekend. And I’ll be drunk on egg nog, draped in one of your Christmas trees, wearing only your stockings to cover my shame.

You’ve got lots of room to play here.

So: go play.