The Chosen Cartography Of Blackbloom

Two things are becoming abundantly clear: First, we're eventually going to need to track all this stuff. A Wiki, maybe. I have zero experience with that and, further, zero time to deal with it, so that's maybe wishful thinking. Second, we may eventually need a map. Same problem: I am no cartographer, and my time is zilch-o.

Tell Us Three Things About Blackbloom

Tell me three things about Blackbloom. Three status quo things. Can be about anything at all: religion, commerce, society, creatures, history, diplomacy, culture, geography, climate, whatever. Can be very broad or very specific. Feel free to incorporate what we already know. Deadline is December 9th, by noon.

The Geography Of Blackbloom, Part One

With those 100 words, describe a place in the natural geography of the planet -- think about how Earth has Everest or the Grand Canyon or the Hawaiian Islands or whatever. Go nuts. Go big. Go weird. Blackbloom is not a world for timidity. Note, however, we don't want to talk about cities. The cities of Blackbloom -- which are sentient and can communicate -- will get their own challenge.

The Gods Of Blackbloom Are Chosen

This week’s challenge — The Geography of Blackbloom! — is live. You people? You’re killing me. What with your awesome (and oft-conflicting) entries. Killing me. Took me hours to sift through the killer options for gods and goddesses. But, I think I’ve nailed it. Some early comments: While the more fictional and non-encyclopedic entries were welcome and fun to read, they often contained not enough information to go on and so they really didn’t end up getting included. Also, a number of well-written entries conflicted with others I’d chosen, so... Read The Rest →

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