Flash Fiction Challenge: “Corporate Abuse”

Last week’s worldbuilding challenge –“The Gods of Blackbloom!” — is still open. Going to leave it open until 12:01AM on Friday, so when I wake up, I will choose the gods and begin a new worldbuilder challenge.

Yesterday I talked a little about the Occupy Wall Street movement and how that relates to writers (Writers Are The 99%). And there I talked about the power of fiction to act as lies that deliver truth.

And then I also tweeted something about how, in a way, the OWS movement is (ideally) trying to prevent the worst corporate cyberpunk futures — and even the dystopia of The Hunger Games. (Though one could argue there the abuses are more governmental.)

Just the same, corporate abuse makes a nice theme, then, for this week’s challenge.

So, that’s your task.

Write about…

Corporate abuse.

Any genre is apropos.

1000 words.

Write at your blog and link back here. Make sure we all know how to get there and read it.

You’ve got one week: 11/11/11, at, well, noon.

31 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: “Corporate Abuse””

  1. http://www.lorencollins.net/tytler.html < Here is a quote about Democracies.
    The economy in North America is hurting b/c ppl buy the cheapest goods, which are now made in China. So North Americans buy the Chinese goods that are taking North American industrial jobs, and thus the wealth for the 99%, away.
    If every single cent was taken from any person with over $100,000.00 to his/her name, it wouldn't make a dent in the financial problem. And likely, these ppl would simply start over and have wealth again in ten years.

  2. I really need to be working on my NaNoWriMo project. I cheated and used something I had already written–
    But it was short so I had space for some commentary. As a spoiler alert, I want to say that I disagree with the philosophy of OWS. I really don’t need people to hate on me because of it. I like and respect all of you as writers even though I don’t agree with you. So, do I get reciprocity, are am I going to be dismissed for not falling in line with you?
    The last time I checked my watch, this was still America…
    Cyclone Weather

  3. I had a boss tell me the Corporation was the most evolved institution. It’s merciless and is intended to make the weak fearful, but its a fair meritocracy. There is no wasted talent, since the Corporation feeds off talent like a body feeds off nutrients and vitamins. The talented and smart will rise to their predestined level of excellence Some people are toxins in this system who leech resources and give little back.

    Call me Anthrax. My story was based on that experience – a panic attack on paper which I wrote on company time. I’d never been so happy to not fit in.

  4. I received a particularly creepy mail today from some compliance department. They attempted to make an irritating piece of corporate dronery sound like a super fun happy thing. Partly this involved beginning the email with the word “Congratulations!” As you might imagine it was about as effective a strategy as hanging a balloon on a guillotine. This inspired my entry: Action Required – http://www.inflatableink.com/2011/11/flash-fiction-action-required.html

  5. I did a lecture on social justice writing in September. The attendees were asked to write about the one thing they feel the most injustice about. Here’s the one I loved the best. It is also posted here, but it’s so short, I’ve included it below. http://www.mysnovalley.com/?p=180

    Corporate Raiders,

    Seeking their next great plunder,

    Leave desolation

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