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Worldbuilding Challenge: The Gods Of Blackbloom

(The first Blackbloom challenge reached fruition yesterday. Slugbears! Forgotten gods! Indentured dead! Sentient cities! Check out the results, won’t you?)

Before I say anything else, let’s get an administrative issue out of the way: I’m going to start doing these every other week, alternating with flash fiction challenges. That way the worldbuilding won’t go stale and we’ll get more than just 12 major “sessions” in a given year. So, just a head’s up.

Now, let’s talk about the gods of Blackbloom.

Here’s all we know:

Blackbloom has gods. Plural. “Several,” if you care about the specific language.

They have power over given dominions. What this means is unclear, but that’s okay.

The gods walk among men but are forgotten and unrecognized. Nobody believes in them anymore.

And yet they retain power — “god-like power” — and cause chaos. To what purpose remains unclear.

That’s it. That’s all we know.

It’s time, then, to populate this pantheon.

Your job:

Come up with a god or goddess of the world known as Blackbloom.

You have 100 words, and only that — I’m going to be strict and discount entries that go beyond that. In part because I don’t have time to read fifty 2,000-word entries. In part because brevity is its own powerful creative challenge.

Now, you should feel free to tie them to some of the other facts we already know. Writing a god in a way so that it further embellishes upon the other points is a winner.

That said, it’s also not necessary. Do as you see fit.

Write in a way as if you’re writing an encyclopedia entry. Pretend it’s fact, not fiction. We should also get a small but potent look at the characters of these gods — and characters, they most certainly are.

I will choose as many gods as I find fit into the pantheon. No less than three. But possibly many more if the entries strike the right mood and end up interlocking.

Go forth, then, and continue this mad genesis, world-builders.