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Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Before we get into the actual post —

Hey! Guess what? Got totally taint-punched by the insane October snowstorm that, well, went around on Saturday punching taints across the Northeast. The weather reports were all like, “Blah blah blah rain will change over to snow by 2PM and nothing will stick on the roads and four inches and snargh pbbbt bleaaargh.” In short: “Oh, don’t worry, no big deal.”

Except, I noticed the snow was starting at 9AM.

And starting to stick at 10AM.

By mid-day they revised their weather report to: OH HOLY SHIT EL BLIZARRDO LOCO RUN FOR YOUR LIVES PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN AND SENSITIVE PETS and then just after mid-day we lost power. And that continues to be the case as I type this. (I’m using a relative’s computer to hammer this out, FYI.)

I took a drive around our little forested nook of the area yesterday and all the powerlines look like they were attacked by werewolves. Shredded wheat, all of them. Many laying across driveways! Lots of trees down. Branches. It’s a mess.

It’s cold. We’ve no power. The baby and the dog are not thrilled. The parents (us): even less so.

Regardless, here I am, trying to bang out a quickie blog post for you all.

Let us begin.

I Believe In Ghosts

I’m going to say up front that I believe in ghosts. I, in fact, have all the proof I need that something exists beyond death, and ghosts are part of that equation. I’m sure I’ve regaled you all with tales like this before (though if I haven’t, say so), but I grew up in a haunted house whose haunting many other sane and rational folks witnessed — years before discovering a boy had died on our property before it was in our family, I discovered that boy’s name come up during a Ouija board session.

Which pretty much tweaked my noodle.

It was that Ouija session that actually, I feel, “unlocked” the haunting to some degree. Because after that was when it manifested: again and again, until I went away to college.

So, what I’m asking you is:

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you think it’s all bullshit? (It’s okay if you do.)

Better yet: ever had any experiences with ghosts? Or anything at all you can’t explain? It’s Halloween. It’s the time of stories like these. So, let’s hear ’em.

Tell us your spooky — and true as you see them — stories.