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  • Transmissions From Toddler-Town: The Devil’s Dictionary

    He talks a lot, now, this kid. B-Dub’s got a whole contingent of words, some of them known, some of them guessed-at, some of then Lovecraftian gibbers that summon gray-skinned amphibious monstrosities from the deep. It all started with Mommy and Daddy, of course, but it always does and those don’t make particularly exciting first words — far […]

  • The Real Lesson of 12/12/12

    Today is 12/12/12. You’re probably aware if you’re anywhere near social media. You may find it a curious footnote. You may find it cause for confetti and fire-ponies. You may find it signals for you some kind of… ill-translated Apocalypse. You may find it demands a cynical dismissive shaking-of-the-fist. Here’s what I’m taking away from […]

  • Why Am I Suddenly Excited For Star Wars, Episode VII?

    The Disney-Lucasfilm corporate fornication did not reach my ears immediately upon its occurrence, as I was huddling in the dark around a barrel fire, eating charred squirrel during the hurricane. But, once it did reach my ears, my initial response was an overwhelming… Mnuh? Guh? Eh. Whatever. Star Wars? Big part of my youth. As […]

  • Transmissions From Toddler-Town: The Aristocrats!

      Living with a toddler is like living with a Ritalin-addled velociraptor. And as I’ve said in the past, every day is like that moment in Jurassic Park where the dinosaurs learn to open doors.   ***   B-Dub now says a rather robust contingent of words. Mom, Dad, Doggie, Truck, Girl, Boo-Boo, Puddle, Meow, […]

  • Transmissions From Toddler-Town: “Just A Ride”

    Brand new “Transmissions From Toddler-Town” — this time with an embedded video of B-Dub in and around the one-year mark. Song by Jem (“Just a Ride”). Video best viewed in 720 and, y’know, biggified. Booyay.

  • My Father Ate Really Weird Things

    My father was a farmer, not a foodie. He ate and drank normal things most of the time, of course — steak a favorite, maybe a Beck’s beer. Or at night, a blackberry brandy. Or a blended Scotch like Dewar’s. But between the margins lived very curious choices of food. He’d eat whole cloves of […]