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Flash Fiction Challenge: “Bullies And The Bullied”

Five Words, Plus One Vampire,” will soon complete — have you checked out all the flash fiction stories there? Well, why the hell not? Skip to it.

Yesterday was Spirit Day.

A day to support those LGBT folks who are the victims of bullying.

My new novella, SHOTGUN GRAVY, is about this very thing.

So, it seems like this is a good week for you folks to do up a flash fiction challenge based off of bullies and their victims. “Bullying,” then, as a motif. Not just LGBT bullying, but bullying of all shapes and sizes, of all callous cruel and callow flavors. Here, though, will be the trick:

You have only 100 words.

Not 1000.

Nay, only 10% of the normal tally.

I don’t care what genre it is — in fact, more power to you for writing sci-fi, fantasy, crime, whatever. Bullying is an act that transcends. It isn’t just on the playground. It’s in politics. It’s on the street. In schools and old folks’ homes and cities and suburbia and rural tracts and so on and so forth.

You should pop your 100 words right in the comments section below.

I’ll pick my ten favorite and give all ten of you SHOTGUN GRAVY in the format of your choice — PDF, Kindle MOBI, or ePub. Oh, here’s the other challenging bit, then:

You do not have a week.

You have only this weekend.

You’ve got till noon EST on Monday, October 24th to get your 100-word stories into the comments section.

I’ll pick my faves by Tuesday at the same time.

Get to writing, folks.




I hate all of you ’cause you make this so hard.

Here’s the ten folks.

You can contact me at terribleminds at gmail dot com — and I’ll get you a copy of SHOTGUN GRAVY, just let me know in what format.

Rock on, folks. A powerful challenge and you stepped up.

* * *

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