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Flash Fiction Challenge: “Plucked From The Pages Of History”


The prior installment of the flash fiction challenge — “The Sub-Genre Tango II” — is large and in charge for your reading pleasure.

Over at his site, author Dan O’Shea is writing a novel day-by-day for all of you to see. It is the first draft and you can see it as it is written, tracking a new chapter every 24 hours.

The novel is titled ROTTEN AT HEART but the first thing you need to know about it is that it places Shakespeare into the role of shamus to solve a murder — which makes Shakespeare the protagonist.

A genius turn. And that’s what you’re going to do with your flash fiction.

Well, no, not necessarily take Shakespeare as your main character. What I want is for you to choose a famous person from history — be it Mark Twain, Babe Ruth, Nikola Tesla, Hannibal, whoever — and use that character as the protagonist in your short fiction. Bonus points for spinning it in a cool way: Shakespeare-as-detective, Nero-as-witch-hunter, Tesla-as-secret-alien, etc.

Once more, the plan remains the same. Up to 1000-word story. Any genre. Post at your blog, then link here and drop a note in the comments so we know where to find your story.

No prizes or incentive this week other than, “This is an awesome challenge, why not try?”

Choose your champion.

Let’s see some stories.