Flash Fiction Challenge: The Sub-Genre Tango, Part II

This past week’s Frankie Bill-themed challenge — “Must Love Guns” — is ready for your perusing.

It’s time again to smash a bunch of genres together and see what we get. Had fun last time. Will have fun this time. If I’m not having fun this time, I’m going to disintegrate one of you with my orbital laser.

Oh, stop. I don’t really own an orbital laser.

I lease it from a bunch of high-tech Somali pirates.


You will pick two genres from this list of sub-genres I give you. You will mash up those two genres into a piece of flash fiction, ~1000 words long. Easy like Sunday morning.

Here, then, is the list:

Southern Gothic


Sword & Sorcery


Black Comedy


So, will we see Picaresque Femslash? Southern Gothic Cyberpunk? A Black Comedy S&S tale?

Mix and match, kids.

I’ll offer a prize yet again — I will do a critique and edit of up to 3000 words of your work. A slice of a novel, a short story, whatever. I’ll give it a look-see and add my comments.

That’s what’s on the table.

You’ve got a week. Friday the 26th by noon EST.

You know the drill.

Start dancing that tango.

60 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: The Sub-Genre Tango, Part II”

  1. For those who will invariably ask:

    Femslash is exactly what it says on the tin – fanfiction that has a female-female romantic pairing. So get your Princess Peach/Princess Zelda fics ready. 😛

    Also, someone write me a Cyberpunk Picaresque. Those genres are made for each other.

  2. All right. Off the reservation and with an NC rating: slapstick meets erotica

    Daisy hummed as she slopped horseshit over her shoulder with the rhythm of her work. Then she felt eyes upon her—it was he. Riley stood at the entrance of the barn in a halo of gold light before he entered the dark, moist space. His penetrating eyes stripped her—oh wait. That was her bra straps falling off her horseshit cloaked peasant dress. Her boobs popped out again, tight under his gaze.
    His smile daunted her, as he did not take his eyes off her while he stepped across the hay—and kicked a bucket, which slammed her in the noggin. She went down in sparks of light and flowering darkness to the squelch of the manure.
    “Darling!” He knelt beside her, his tight jeans sinking into the goo.
    When she could speak, she smiled. “You called me darling!”
    He laughed. “You have to know I’ve wanted to fuck you silly since the moment I saw your bare little bottom as your sister spanked you for disobedience.
    Daisy grabbed his chin and pulled him to her as he ducked forward and their heads conked. She ignored it and slammed her lips against his mouth. He sucked onto hers and bit. But in a breathless instant, he sucked onto one of her tits. She writhed as she moaned. Her legs wrapped around his waist. One hand pulled at his fly, but she hadn’t worn underwear since the day he came to work at the farm. “My sister will be very harsh with me for this. Is that what you want? Do you want to fuck my purple little ass?”
    “Baby,” he pulled out his dick, a long strong instrument, already purple with blood. “I want to fuck every piece of you.”
    Jenney, the sheepdog, to the opportunity to lick his dick. “Whoa!” He tipped backward in a heap, but Jenney crowded over him. “Darling,” he gasped. “This dog gives quite good head.”
    Jealousy struck Daisy. She stood, and picked up Jenney by her scruff and tossed her aside. Jenney hit the wall with a yelp and crashed to earth, but Daisy didn’t look. “Is that the kind of dog you are!” She smacked Riley. “You’ll fuck any dog around!”
    “No!” He caught her wrists and wrenched her around so that his hard chest pressed into her back and his dick bumped her rump. “Just the sheep. I promise.”
    She could have relaxed at that. After all, what else were sheep for? But she fought against him, rubbing her rump into his dick.
    He grabbed her auburn curls and forced her head down so that her hands splurched in manure. He grabbed the back of her dress and yanked. He fell into her when the dress stayed put. He yanked again.
    “For Christ sake, do I have to do everything?” She ripped off her dress.
    “Can you do this?” He rammed his dick deep inside her. She screamed. Pleasure aerated to her fingertips. But she admitted. “Actually, I have a dildo bigger than your dick. Occasionally I fuck a horse.”
    “What?” His dick withered.
    “Oh for Gods sake, don’t get jealous. You are the sheep fucker.” She turned and punched him in the chin. He fell into to manure. She straddled him and pounded his firming dick deep into her pussy. “Oh, yeah. That’s it.” She got manure in her mouth when she flung her hair. “I feel so dirty.”
    “It’s wrong.” His fingers clenched her ass. “After all, I am your second cousin once removed.”
    “I referred to the shit.” She clawed his chest as she rocked her clit into him. She lifted her arms to tangle her hair as her hips circled and swayed till his dick played her like his accordion.
    “You are a whore.” He grabbed her hair. “A dirty, horse fucking slut.” He slammed her face into the shit. His hand tickled inside her in sweet temptation but still, “hey, I only fuck Starlight. I am a one horse girl.”
    “Well, now you belong to me.” He grabbed a riding crop. A familiar sting of pain struck her ass and wound sweet horniness through her. I was so much better than one her sister did her. He spanked her. “Say it. Say you are mine!”
    “Riley!” She writhed. “Sorry. I am a feminist.”
    “Oh.” His fingers tiptoed out of her despite her groans. They tip toed up her ass, and smoothed over the sculpted surface. He pinched, and she bleated as her ass twinged pain into her cunt till it flushed fluid with her orgasm. “Then I don’t suppose I can have this ass?” He tapped the riding crop against her.
    “Huh.” She went against her better judgment as he cell in her body called out to him when he stuck a finger inside her. “I guess it can for a while.”
    He didn’t answer but slopped a good handful of manure on her ass and crammed his dick in. His whole weight came to bear against her as he thrust her out of being. One hand pried her ass enough to stick his fingers back into her pussy.
    “Did you have to use shit?”
    He just rode her harder till the pain and pleasure all keened into one. “Shit in. Shit out.” Then he ripped her head back by the hair as his hyperventilation came to a climax. Then he dropped to her to the ground as his dick crawled out of her. “Oh, darling. You are better than a sheep.”
    “And you are better than a horse.” Her sweat sluiced her with sweet relaxation.
    Then clapping. She looked up. Her sister had her hand up her skirts as she sat on a butter tub. “I hope I see that often.” But she raised a butter paddle. “Someone—someones need some correction.
    Daisy ground her pussy into the manure as she yearned with anticipation.

  3. It’s getting hard to publish these stories in a public place!
    I’ll have to actually watch the tutorials and find out how to rate them Adult!
    Thanks to BetsDavis for the romp.
    And thanks for the definition of FemSlash. Some of the others I’ll have to look up.
    Picaresque??? Never heard of it. Picardesque now, I might manage.
    Looking forward to reading the new stories. Hope I can come up with something : )

  4. If I’m not mistaken–and I usually am–a fairly good example of picaresque would be “The Stars, My Destination,” by Alfred Bester. Yes? No? Trying to get a grip on all the many genres out there in the multiverse.

  5. @ Oldestgenexer: My immediate reaction to picaresque was Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamaora and Red Seas Under Red Skies. Gods, that got me back to dreaming about a younger me and Jean…

    Ahem, I hope Lynch finishes his series. I think he’s been suffering from some emotional problems, the curse of genius, etc. Hope I’m wrong. I love his books.

  6. I could see doing a cyberpunk Ghost in the shell fan fiction mixed with Black Comedy or some how incorporating sword and sorcery… One I need to think on.
    New around here by the way.. Nice to meet y’all 🙂

  7. […] This is another in the series of flash fiction from Chuck Wendig’s site “Terrible Minds.” The theme this week was to take two of these sub-genres and mash them together: Southern Gothic, Cyberpunk, Sword & Sorcery, Femslash, Black Comedy, Picaresque. I don’t believe I’m giving anything away when I saw that I chose Femslash and Southern Gothic. We had a thousand words…but this a little over 500. I couldn’t stand to write any more than that. To find out the details and read more entries, go to his website: Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge: Sub-Genre Tango Part Two […]

  8. After I looked up the defining characteristics of the different sub-genres, I realized what I had to do. Femslash spoke to me. Actually, it cornered me in a dirty gas station bathroom and gave me a hand-job while whispering dirty things in my ear. But what to put with it? I decided on Southern Gothic, because that is fairly new to me. I’ve written stuff in those others without really knowing what they were. I know you all expected me to do Black Comedy, but I decided against it. No black comedy in this one. I’m not a racist.
    A Very Brady Southern Goth Tale
    I know it’s only 500 words. I swear to God I couldn’t stand to write any more than that.

  9. I have to admit that I didn’t know much about any of these subgenres, but this was a fun exercise.

    So I went with Cyberpunk and Southern Gothic, and I really like what I have so far. However, I’m at ~2000 words and there’s more I’d like to add. Yikes. Plus, I like it, which makes me hesitant to cut it down to size and post it publicly.


    I still have time to decide (and shorten if necessary).

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