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Flash Fiction Challenge: “The Unexpected Guest”

You may note that, oops, last Friday, I didn’t post a flash fiction challenge.

It’s not because I don’t love you. But rather, because the timer on my wife’s uterine oven went off prematurely, signaling that the brownies we thought were still baking were now ready.

Which means our son was born two weeks early.

So, getting a flash fiction challenge up was not on my “to-do” list that day.

BUT WE’RE BACK. After all, the baby’s out, so he’s pretty much on his own now. What? Tough love, baby. It’s a hard world. I duct taped a little spear into his rubbery hands and painted him up like Braveheart.

He’ll figure it out.

In the meantime, let’s sign up a hot tasty new flash fiction challenge, one with a little extra juice on the line in the form of FREE E-BOOKS.

The Challenge

Flash fiction, 1000 words. The subject?

An unexpected guest.”

Interpret that as you see fit.

Any genre is apropos.

You have one week. I’ll want all entries done up and linked to here by noon (EST) next Friday (6/3/11).

You know the drill: write it on your own blog, link back to here if you’re so kind, then drop a link to your blog here in the comments section of this very post. Ta-da!

The Free E-Books

Assuming we have more than 10 entries, I’ll pick my favorite 10 out of the bunch. Those writers can have a free copy of either IRREGULAR CREATURES or CONFESSIONS OF A FREELANCE PENMONKEY in PDF, Kindle, or Nook format. Just make sure to have your tales in under the deadline.

And that, squids and squallops, is all she wrote.