Flash Fiction Challenge: “Profanity Is A Circus Of Language”

As noted earlier this week in my “Why Writers Drink” post, I am not a man who shies away from profanity. In fact, I leap toward it, arms open, my sticky jam-hands ever-reaching. What I said then was: “Profanity is fun. Profanity is a circus of language where the clowns are all insane and the elephant just stepped on a trapeze artist and something somewhere is on fire.”

And thus, this week’s flash fiction sonofabitch challenge is born.

Here’s all you gotta do:

Write a story where profanity features in the title.

Yep. That’s it.

Bonus points if:

a) The profanity is creative or otherwise uniquely used.

b) The profanity carries over into the tale (perhaps even as a part of a character’s name!).

c) Your squealing love of profanity comes through in the tale told.

As usual, you have 1000 words with which to tackle this motherfucking challenge. And you’ve got one week to do it — the deadline is next Friday morning, before noon o’clock.

Post to your blog. Link back to here if you’d like. Then drop a link in the comments here so we know that your story exists so that we may scurry over and read its goddamn brilliance.

Please to enjoy.

And further, beard the fuck on.

25 responses to “Flash Fiction Challenge: “Profanity Is A Circus Of Language””

  1. Afternoon.

    Can I offer you this: http://counterfeitculture.co.uk/ ?

    Not quite flash fiction, but some of the reviews are fictional (or rather, the bands and albums are).

    This is how I warm up before writing “properly” – it’s good to get a cunt out your system before getting properly involved (I find).


  2. OK, my writing site is still in progress, but my graphic design site is operational (although admittedly working some minor bugs out of its intestines). I’m just posting my entry to my design site, the main page of which was designed for smaller updates, not 1,000 word stories. I feel confident that intelligent adults can deal with this. If not…fuck’m.

    “Checkmate, Cocksnot” can be found here:

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