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Choke On Anthony Neil Smith’s Truth, Motherfuckers!

True fact: the writer’s life is an unglamorous one. It’s the furthest thing from sexy. It’s not so much action-packed as it is a wisdom tooth socket packed with septic cotton. In case you didn’t realize it, no, seriously, I’m not fucking around, you really don’t want to be a writer.

Don’t believe me?

Anthony Neil Smith knows the score, and he’d like to prove it to you.

A Day In The Life Of Anthony Neil Smith, ladies and gents (the entirely-accurate ether binge happens just after the two-minute mark — so, y’know, there’s that).

A.N. Smith — aka @DocNoir on Twitter, which is my way of suggesting you follow the man — is the dude responsible for writing the entirely brilliant CHOKE ON YOUR LIES. (Or, if you want it on your Nook…) Which, by the way, is at the crazy-low price of $2.99. Book like this, book of this quality, should be ten bucks, easy. I’d pay ten bucks. I’d tell you to pay ten bucks. But fuck, it’s not even three bucks. That’s like — *does some quick math, dicks around with an abacus for an hour* — a 157% discount. That’s amazing. Plus: Octavia. You will come to love Octavia. You will whisper her name into your pillow.

You support smart self-publishing? Buy it.

You support kick-ass crime fiction? Buy it.

You support authors who are the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, the monkey’s tits? Buy it.

Don’t make me drag out my sales pitch, goddamnit.