Irregular Creatures: The Contest

A Flying Cat

See that cat? The one with the wings? C’mon. You can’t miss it.

You can win that cat.

That’s right. I’m giving away that winged cat figurine. My wife pointed it out the other day. I nabbed it. And I said, “Someone will have this cat. I will foist it upon them whether they like it or not.”

I mean, c’mon. How apropos. Irregular Creatures is home to… well, at a rough guess, hundreds of flying cats. And some cats that don’t fly, to boot. And one pussy, but we won’t talk about that.

So, here’s your chance to win that very flying cat figurine (value, $15.00) and a $10.00 Amazon gift certificate (value: $10.00, duh). Wanna know how?

You need to do two things:

a) Buy IRREGULAR CREATURES and give me some proof that you bought it. If you procure a PDF or ePub from me directly, that’s easy. Because, hey, I’ve got the proof right there. If you buy from Amazon, then ideally you’ll show me a glimpse of a receipt or you’ll snap a photo of you reading the e-book on your das crazy Kindlemaschine. Proof of purchase goes to: chuckwendig [at] terribleminds [dot] com. [EDIT: You don’t have to show me a receipt or a picture if you don’t want. Email me, and I’ll ask you a question about one of the stories, and you can toss me the answer. Dig?]


b) You’ll leave an IRREGULAR CREATURES review up at It doesn’t have to be a positive review. Hey, you hated it the book, you hated it. I won’t make you give it a kick-ass review (though I’d certainly appreciate it). Obviously, I also want you to have read the collection before leaving a review.

That’s it.

You have one week to do this. This contest ends next Monday, January 31st, at 7:00AM.

I’ll pick one of you crazy cats and kittens at random. That person will receive the flying cat and the Amazon gift certificate (I’ll pay for shipping). I’ll ship the cat to you and probably just email you the certificate (unless you’d rather that be printed out and sent along).

This contest is only open to those who currently live in the United States. Not that I don’t love you fine feathered international peeps, but I can’t afford the $786.23 necessary to ship the little cat to, say, Shanghai.

If you have already procured the book and left a review, great. Just make sure I know you’re in the running by emailing me at the above address and flashing a little proof.

If I don’t get an email, I won’t know you’re in the contest. So: be sure to email me.

That’s it, kids. It’s that easy.

Buy the book.

Leave an review for it.

Then tell me that you did so I don’t have to use my psychic powers to discern your involvement.

Good luck.


Here (PDF, ePub).

Amazon (Kindle).

Smashwords (ePub, PDF, etc.).

If you require a final sales pitch, well, here it is.

Irregular Creatures Cover, By Amy Hauser

17 responses to “Irregular Creatures: The Contest”

  1. Tsk. I’m a citizen of the US, but I don’t live there, so I can’t enter. (Since I assume it’s the shipping cost and not my immigration status that interests you.) Too bad. That’s one incredible… erm… thingerine.

    • @India:

      (Corrected to note that, yes, it matters where you live, oops.)

      I suppose I could make an exception if one wants to pay for the shipping costs internationally, but that seems, erm, a bit unfortunate for the winner. πŸ™‚

      — c.

  2. Chuck, I’m super glad you decided not to keep your promise to pimp this book like a two dollar whore, because way more people need to read this book.
    Seriously, if you’re reading this comment and you haven’t yet ordered Irregular Creatures…well what’s the holdup? You can’t afford three measly dollars for one fantastic book? And after all the times you’ve mooched off this man’s hard work by reading his blog without paying out so much as one red cent? You make me sick.

    • @Albert:

      Well, thanks — yeah, trying to stay on “this side” of annoying, so as not to become belligerent or a pure self-promo machine.

      But, when I promo, I make sales.

      — c.

  3. Can’t believe you’re not hanging onto that baby for your own decorating pleasures. Ordering book now…I know. I know. Should have done it already, but the “To-Do” list runneth over~

  4. Alas! Canada is the perpetual land of so-close-and-yet-so-far when it comes to US-based contests. I shall just have to make my own flying cat figurine. So there. πŸ˜›

    Although, it could be worse. I could live in Quebec and have that be true of most Canadian contests, too.

  5. You’ve got reviews incoming. Or rather one review posted all over the place.

    Provided getting more people to read your book doesn’t disqualify me or something.

  6. 3 bucks? In lieu of a taco for lunch I may well invest in new reading material. Jiving to a college budget, three bucks is the between-the-couch-cushions find of a month.

    And the defining line between an extra taco and woeful meal inadequacies.

    But I’m on a quest to lose poundage and I can’t very well eat a digital copy of your book, so worthy unpalatable investment indeed.

    Apart from winged cats, what can one look forward to in this work of yours?

  7. All done! I was tempted to take the quiz in lieu of the proof of purchase. A personalized quiz from Chuck Wendig sounds like a Facebook fans wet dream. Which Irregular Creature are you? Take the quiz today!

  8. Welp, with the way everything went absolutely tits-up with things on my end, I should be able to get my review in just under the wire.

  9. Just left my review (yeah- so I procrastinated). Loved the book. Can’t wait for more. I would really like to see some novels grow out of some of these short stories. Your world is colorful and disturbing, and I like it.


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