250 Things

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About This Book

“Chuck Wendig hammers out writing and career advice that’s always brave, profane, creative, clever, and honest. And don’t forget hilarious. You’ll never laugh so hard learning so much.” – Matt Forbeck, game designer and author of AMORTALS and VEGAS KNIGHTS (Angry Robot).

“You walk into this book a quivering neophyte crusted with writer fantasies and walk away a seasoned word warrior ready to do battle in the arena we call publishing.” – Kristen Lamb, author of ARE YOU THERE BLOG? IT’S ME, WRITER

* * *

250 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WRITING is a booze-soaked, profanity-brined, Zen-lacquered look at the craft and art of writing, one list of “25 Things” at a time.

Featured within this book are the essays “25 Things You Should Know About…”

…Being A Writer, Writing A Novel, Writing A Screenplay, Writing A F**king Sentence, Storytelling, Character, Plot, Dialogue, Description, Editing/Revising, and finally, Getting Published.

(And yes, that’s actually 11 lists, which means the book actually has *275* things you should know about writing, but let’s be honest, 250 sounds much cooler. Let’s just go ahead and call that, “25 bonus tips,” shall we? Boom. Value added.)

The book features sections such as:

“The Transubstantiation of Trope,” “Why Bad Decisions Are A Good Decision,” “Nobody Sees Themselves As A Supporting Character,” “I Want To Buy The Semi-Colon A Private Sex Island,” and “Plot Is Promise.”

Contained within are things you should know about plot holes, self-publishing versus legacy publishing, “on-the-nose” dialogue, story versus plot, metaphors, copy-editing, killing darlings with a claw hammer, cursing like an undead pirate, and generally being a cranky and irreverent creative type.

* * *

At terribleminds[dot]com, Chuck Wendig dispenses nuggets (okay, more like outright manifestos) of writing advice on a daily basis, and the site has been named one of the Top 101 Websites For Writers of 2011 by WRITER’S DIGEST.

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