Alan Baxter: Five Things I Learned Writing Hidden City

  When the city is sick, everyone suffers. Steven Hines listened to the city and the city spoke. Cleveport told him she was sick. With his unnatural connection to her, that meant Hines was sick too. But when his friend, Detective Abby Jones, comes to him for help investigating a series of deaths with no discernible cause, Hines can’t say no. Then strange fungal growths begin to appear in the streets, affecting anyone who gets too close, turning them into violent lunatics. As the mayhem escalates and officials start to... Read The Rest →

Dan Koboldt: Nine Years A Penmonkey, And Nine Lessons

I’m pretty sure Dan is a Kobold, and just isn’t telling us — I mean, it’s right there in his name. I keep asking, “Are you a kobold? and he keeps saying, “Stop asking me that, I’m a human being,” and then I wink at him because I know what he means. (Whisper: he’s a kobold.) Anyway! Here Dan is, offering up a bevy of lessons — nine, in fact — to match his nine years of penmonkeying around. Please to enjoy, fellow kobolds and non-kobolds. * * * When Chuck... Read The Rest →

In Which I Appear On Launch, John August’s Bookish Podcast!

PSST. So, John August — screenwriter extraordinaire and also novelist behind the middle grade book, Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire — has a shiny new podcast called Launch, which is about, well, launching a book, and it’s a snazzy snout-to-tail examination of the many processes behind writing and publishing a book. Well, John invited me onto the most recent podcast — have I mentioned that I am a fortunate soul? — to answer some of his listener questions about those many processes. So go right now and give a listen. Thanks to John for having... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Soon Heads West, Young Man

We had a very nice snow this weekend, in that it dropped six inches on the ground, two on paved surfaces, was good for snowballs and snowmen, and hot chocolate and sledding, and then the day got warm and a lot of it went away. I took a shot of a snowflake, seen above — it looked like a tiny little person hanging for dear life. I snapped the shot, and then my breath melted the icy tether holding it to the larger snowclump, and the little snowflake tumbled to the... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: A World Without Guns

Tough challenge after this week’s news — but I’ve seen some folks talk about what fiction can do or say about the (yet another) school shooting, and I think genre fiction has a chance to do something or say something interesting regarding it. Science-fiction, for instance, pretends to be about our future but it’s nearly always about our present. So, your job is to compose a piece of flash fiction where guns are gone — for whatever reason, made illegal, never been invented, use your imagination. This is primed for... Read The Rest →

My Cup Runneth Over: Quick Thoughts On Managing Anxiety

As I have noted in the past, I got me some anxiety. Honestly, it’s hard not to, right now. The news is traditionally not a place you go for Good Feelings, but these days you turn on the TV for fifteen seconds or you give one quick scroll through Twitter and it’s a fucking assault, isn’t it? EVERYTHING WAS BAD AND HAS NOW COMPLETED ITS POKEMON-LIKE EVOLUTION TO A FULL-BLOWN NIGHTMARE, the news will have you know. What did Trump do today? you think to yourself, and then the news answers, THE... Read The Rest →

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