Aftermath: Life Debt, And Empire’s End

Well, hello there. You will note that Star Wars: Aftermath is now a proper trilogy. You will also note that these books have names, and when things have names, THEY ARE REAL. *vibrates* Both books continue the adventures of the characters from Aftermath — Norra Wexley and her son Temmin, his maniac B1 battle droid Mister Bones, ex-Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus, bounty hunter Jas Emari, and all-around bad-ass SpecForce dude Jom Barell. (Oh, and we shouldn’t fail to mention Admiral Sloane and her mysterious boss.) Book Two is called Life... Read The Rest →

Behold, Thine Outlines

So, last week I did this BIG DAMN POST about blah blah blah NaNoWriMo is coming up so this is NaPloYoNoMo (National Plot Your Novel Month), which means you should at least try some kind of outline. And in this post I detailed for you a wide variety of outlines that go well-beyond the school-era Roman numeral parade. I also warned you I was going to ask to see your work. Well, here I am. Asking to see your work. *shocks you with a shock-prod* BZZT. By asking, I mean, demanding.... Read The Rest →

Jimmy Callaway: Five Things I Learned Writing Lupo Danish Never Has Nightmares

With great power comes great dysfunction. Lupo Danish is the most feared man in organized crime. Tales of his exploits are told in hushed whispers around mobbed-up campfires. But when terror strikes gangland, there is only one man capable of battling with monsters, for he has already become one himself. A furious blend of Beowulf and Amazing Fantasy #15, Lupo Danish Never Has Nightmares is a tale of guilt, retribution, and punching. Lots and lots of punching. Lupo Danish never botches a job. Lupo Danish never misses his mark. And... Read The Rest →

How To Outline During National Plot Your Novel Month

(Disclaimer: NAPLO YONOMO is the protagonist of STAR WARS AFTERMATH TWO: EWOK SNUGGLEBOO. He’s a fancy gentleman Gonk Droid with a debilitating spice addiction!) Next month is National Novel Writing Month, aka, NaNoWriMo. This month, I am declaring to be NaPloYoNoMo, or National Plot Your Novel Month. Or, if you prefer the more profane edition, NaPloYoMoFuGoDaNoMo month. I want you to think about the planning, plotting and scheming of your novel. I want you to think about outlining that novel. Now, some of you are resistant to the idea of outlining. I know. I get it.... Read The Rest →

Kameron Hurley: Absolute Zero — The Temperature At Which Writers Give Up

I will never not give blog space to Kameron Hurley, because Kameron Hurley is a whip-crack crotch-kick of a writer. She is amazing, and she is welcome here forever. (I mean, it doesn’t help that she stole the keys to the blog and made herself a copy.) Read her books. But read this first. * * * I’ve given up on a lot of things in my life: Relationships. Carbs. Being an astronaut. Adjunct teaching. Running for “fun.” Most things concocted at Taco Bell. What I never gave up on... Read The Rest →

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