Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Song Title Story Challenge

Last week’s challenge: randomized title challenge! This week is easy enough: I want you to pull up a random song. You can do this on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, whatever music service or library you choose. Then I want you to take the title of the song it randomly chooses and make that title your story title. You aren’t required to take inspiration from the song’s music or lyrics, though that’s certainly an option. That’s it, really. I am going to make this the last flash fiction challenge of the year,... Read The Rest →

Storm Grant: Five Things I Learned Writing Lost Boys 2.0

Trapped outside the world, unlikely hero Thaddeus Wright must partner with sexy Secret Agent Peter Pan to save a new generation of Lost Boys. Thaddeus Wright would love to forget his childhood. A bi-racial bastard orphaned at four, he was the very definition of sin, according to the strict and disapproving grandparents who raised him. Twenty years later, Thad works with at-risk youth as both coach and counselor. Even after his grandparents’ spare-the-rod, spoil-the-child parenting, Thad just wants to help people. But when three young boys he coaches go missing,... Read The Rest →

Art Held Hostage: Why Sony Not Releasing “The Interview” Is Scary

You’re probably caught up to speed, but in case you aren’t: Hackers, which may or may not be connected to North Korea, found Sony’s new film, The Interview, quite disagreeable — so much so that they hacked the unmerciful shit out of Sony (thus releasing emails and scripts and other internal company information, which our news media flocked to like a pack of starving vultures) and threatened terror attacks in the style of 9/11 if the film was released. Some big theater chains understandably capitulated, and then Sony folded like a paper... Read The Rest →

What The Hell’s Happening With Kindle Unlimited?

A very quick unpleasant injection of (self-)publishing prattle – So, Kindle Unlimited is Amazon’s subscription service, yeah? Those who subscribe get access to a variety of e-books that they can click and download for one monthly price. Something-something Spotify, blah-dee-dah-dee Netflix, whatever. I like the idea as a customer, though I’ll admit a cynical sphincter-clench at the very idea of subscriptions for e-books — e-books are already so fantastically inexpensive that I can’t help the hesitation at seeing the ceiling drop even lower. I feel like Indiana Jones in a... Read The Rest →

Nerdtivity: A Winner, And Time For You To Vote

Well, well, well. HAPPY NERDTIVITY AND SWEET GEEKMAS TO ALL. So, Kevin and I? We picked our favorite. So many good options but this one was like a meteorite of pure awesome striking us each in our manly mega-beards. That up there, that’s #4 in the list, and it’s our favorite of the bunch. Of our winning entry, Kevin says: There is so much to love in this scene, but what makes it tops for me is the stuff in the background. The Dark Lord of the Sith is an ominous... Read The Rest →

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