Andrea Phillips: In Praise Of The Small Press

Andrea Phillips is one of those writers I’ve known for a good while, now — we fought in the Transmedia Wars of 2018 together. We played live-action Ultima on the rings of Saturn. We ate fudge. Well, she made fudge? And I ate it? Because she really makes very good fudge. Whatever. Point is, I consider her a genuine friend. And now she has a book out — Revision, about a young woman who discovers that edits made to a Wikipedia-like site actually change reality — and it’s with Fireside, who... Read The Rest →

In Which I Critique Your Story (That I Haven’t Read)

This past weekend, I bopped by San Antonio, Texas to punch a couple bulls, hide a bicycle in the basement of the Alamo, eat buckets of tacos, and also work as faculty for this year’s Paradise Lost writing program. I got to hang out with some fellow pro-grade writers (Delilah S. Dawson, Robert J. Bennett, Marko Kloos) and work with some semi-pro up-and-comers, all under the vigilant stare of the madman known as Sean Patrick Kelley. The program had both a retreat track and a critique track, and I did a... Read The Rest →

Miriam Black Knows How You’re Going To Die

  The time has come, folks. Everyone’s favorite psycho psychic is back – The Miriam Black e-books have returned to sale! In Blackbirds, she has to undo a murder that she causes; in Mockingbird, she must hunt the serial killer stalking the students at a girls’ private school; in The Cormorant, she falls into a trap set for her — one that puts her mother’s life in mortal danger. (Print copies will stagger their releases over the next several months — Blackbirds will come out 8/25, Mockingbird 10/20, Cormorant 2/23, Thunderbird on 4/5.) And not... Read The Rest →

Your Favorite Obscure Star Wars Character?

FOURTH THE MAY BE WITH YOU. — Yoda. Ahem. So! Hey. Star Wars. Of all the films, shows, books, and so forth, I gotta know – Who is your favorite obscure Star Wars character? (They don’t need to be all that “obscure” — just not one of the “main cast.” No Luke, Leia, etc.) Me, from the original trilogy, I love me some Nien Nunb. I don’t know why. I like that the joy he expresses when they win. I like his workman’s attitude. He seems like the kinda Sullustan you’d want... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: A Story In Search Terms

I saw a great tweet this week. Search History: Cat armor Buy armor for cats Cat jousting tournaments How to stop armored cats Cat army how to stop national guard phone # — Alone Shark (@AbrasiveGhost) April 26, 2015 Search terms tell a story. We’ve seen it used in advertisements. It sometimes plays as a joke on Twitter. This is your challenge. I want you to take six to ten search terms. And I want you to tell a story with them. A narrative progression. That’s it. Short, simple, easy.... Read The Rest →

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