Flash Fiction Challenge: The Magic Realism Bot’s Revenge

This is a great Twitter account. You should go to it — the Magic Realism Bot — and therein you’ll find an endless array of story prompts. I’ve no idea if they’re actually written by a person with intention or somehow cobbled together by a wise and weird neural network (I’d guess the former, but who knows?), but either way, I’d say use ’em. Pick a prompt. Write a story based on it. Length: ~1000 words Due by: Friday, March 23rd, noon EST Write at your online space. And link... Read The Rest →

The Skywalker Six: Explaining The Plan to Rescue Han In ROTJ

A couple weeks ago, Mike Ryan put out a funny post at Uproxx that said he dared anyone to explain the Return of the Jedi “rescue Han Solo” plan that happens in the first act of the film. He threw down the nerd gauntlet. The Star Wars nerd gauntlet. And so, here, on the day that The Last Jedi is released in digital video, I am picking up that gauntlet, and I am — wait, what do you do with a thrown gauntlet anyway? Is that even the right terminology? A thrown gauntlet?... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Thought It Was Time To Thaw

We’re stuck in a repeated cycle of snow-thaw-snow-thaw, and today we’re getting… *checks weather* more snow? Whatever. Goddamnit, weather, get your shit together oh ha ha ha you can’t because the climate is drunk on our fumes. ANYWHO, so what’s up everyone? Here’s what’s up with me, real quick — I’m back from ECCC — recap here. I finished the third draft of WANDERERS, mostly just a quick polish to get the rest of my flavor-text snidbits in there at the fore of each of the 90-some chapters. The book is... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: They Fight Crime (Amongst Other Things)

THEY FIGHT CRIME. Yeah, go ahead, click that link. In it, you’ll get two characters who are randomly paired together to fight crime. This is the basis for your next story. Now, the one change is — the two characters don’t actually have to fight crime. But you must include both characters in your story — whether as crime fighters, enemies, lovers, family members, whatevers. That’s it. That’s the story. Length: ~1000 words Due by: Friday, March 16th, noon EST Post at your online space. Drop a link below so... Read The Rest →

Sarah Elkins: Five Things I Learned Writing Psychic Underground: The Facility

Being psychic is just another aspect of life for Neila Roddenberry. So are dreams of a past life as Nikola Tesla. She’s sure that last part is the result of reading the wrong mind at the wrong time without realizing it. Neither are things she talks about much. Her friends know she’s psychic, but no one knows about the dreams. She’s twenty-three, asexual, and unemployed with ambitions to become a freelance artist and writer. On the way home from visiting friends, Neila gets caught up in a terrorist attack, then... Read The Rest →

Sean Grigsby: Five Things I Learned Writing Smoke Eaters

When dragons rise from the earth, firefighters are humanity’s last line of defense, in this wild near-future fantasy. Firefighter Cole Brannigan is on the verge of retirement after 30 years on the job, and a decade fighting dragons. But during his final fire call, he discovers he’s immune to dragon smoke. It’s such a rare power that he’s immediately conscripted into the elite dragon-fighting force known as the Smoke Eaters.  Retirement cancelled, Brannigan is re-assigned as a lowly rookie, chafing under his superiors. So when he discovers a plot to... Read The Rest →

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