Blightborn: Heartland, Book #2 — Out Now!

And the second book of Blightborn is now out in the world. It exists in hardback (~$11.39), paperback (~$9.99) and Kindle e-book ($3.99), and audio (~$8.99). Your procurement options are: Amazon | B&N | Indiebound It is also available on Kindle Unlimited (which you can try for free). Feel free too to check out the books or add it on Goodreads. What’s It About? This is the second book in my YA Heartland trilogy: a cornpunk agripocalyptic dust-topia where a handful of teens from the earthbound Heartland decide to take... Read The Rest →

A Survival Kit For Your Very Own 3-Year-Old Monkey-Demon

“Ha ha ha, those terrible twos,” they said. A lie. A CRUEL AND CALLOUS LIE. Sure, you have a two year old and you think, jeez, what happened to this kid. You had an adorable little marshmallow running around gooble-gobbling, and then one day things changed and out of nowhere you had this irritable little creature — like he had sand in the elastic of his diaper always turning him surly. But you think: I only have a year of this. They call this the Terrible Twos, so I just have... Read The Rest →

Strong Like Wendig

So, as you may know, I’ve been running. For about a year now. I like it. (Cue the peanut gallery asking that question, WHAT ARE YOU RUNNING FROM, to which I respond, THE INEVITABLE EMBRACE OF THE REAPER, thanks.) I think it’s time to incorporate some strength training alongside of it. Here’s the thing, though. Whenever I try to BECOME STRONG LIKE BULL, I seem to cause myself some pain. Not significant pain, but the day or two after doing upper body, f’rex, I seem to suffer neckaches and headaches.... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: A Story In Three Sentences

Last week’s challenge: Superheroes Plus! This week’s challenge is an old favorite — one that’s easy to describe, yet difficult in execution. I want you to write a single story in three sentences. Not a snapshot. Not a vignette. A complete story. Beginning, middle, and end. Three sentences. Easy to half-ass — but challenging to execute with elegance and power. But, life’s too short not to give it a go, so: you are challenged. *throws down glove* *fires starting pistol* *Tasers you or whatever* Ahem. The way to do this... Read The Rest →

FYI: HWA Opens Doors To Author-Publishers

Apparently, the HWA (Horror Writers’ Association) now allows self-published authors. Qualifications are: Self-publishers who have generated $2000 in earnings within two years of initial publication date can qualify for Active (voting) status.  Those who have earned $200 within two years of initial publication date can qualify for Associate status.  More details can be found at  (please note the criteria have not yet been updated). That seems inline with what they ask of other authors, mostly. I’ve already seen a few twitches and paroxysms of people who are I guess afraid... Read The Rest →

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