K.C. Alexander: Generous Orthodoxy (Look It Up, Goddamnit)

K.C. Alexander wrote a helluva book with Necrotech, and now she’s back with a sequel that, I expect, will probably break your nose with a hard high-kick and make you like it. Here she is, talking about Generous Orthodoxy, and how that relates to — well, gender, and religion, and progress and — I’ll just let you read it. * * * Do I have your attention now? Let’s be honest: if I am here on Terribleminds, most readers don’t need me to grab ‘em by the neck and shake... Read The Rest →

Molly Tanzer: Really? Victorian England Again?

I first discovered Molly Tanzer through her book, Vermilion, which really has one of the greatest covers I’ve ever seen. And, as it turns out, it has an equally awesome book underneath that cover. So, at this point, Molly can do no wrong, and she has my sword. And by my sword, I mean, my blog. Enjoy her talking about her newest, Creatures of Will and Temper. * * * No one I know of has asked this about my latest novel, Creatures of Will and Temper (yet). Rather, it’s... Read The Rest →

Toot-Toot, Motherfucker: Early Thoughts On Mastodon

I joined Mastodon at the behest of Greg Pak. You can find me here. I have thoughts, if you care to read them. (Note: these are thoughts from a NON-TECH PERSON, who is increasingly more interested in technology that does not challenge me with literally any difficulty at all. Because I am lazy and old-ish, shut up.) 1.) It’s like Twitter. Mostly? 2.) Clarification: it’s like Twitter at the surface level. It’s a bit off in that regard, in much the same way it’s different going from the United States... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Dumps A Buncha News On Your Head And Runs

Last year around this time, we were revving up our trip to Maui, so I thought I’d pop a macro shot from our trip into this post — behold, an anole, chill enough to let me get in macro-snappin’ range. The anole is wise. Listen to the anole’s wizardly wisdom. Or whatever. A quick hose-down of what’s up: Invasive gets a shout-out at Sword & Laser, one of the greatest SFF podcasts of all time, so give a click and go listen. Don’t make me make you. If you’d like to... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Predictive Text Fun

So, I love the predictive text meme, where you tell a short little story or poem or sentence based on the predictive text your phone or mobile device gives you — Like, last week, one was to type in “I was born” and then let predictive text fill in your autobiography, and mine came up with: “I was born a perfectionist and a monster I had no idea what I was doing” And I thought, goddamn, that’s fucking good. That’s “opening line of a memorable novel” good. So, let’s play... Read The Rest →

The Essential Ingredient Of Hard Choices

I knew a guy named Gil who faced an incredibly difficult decision: his wife and his teenage daughter were both in the hospital at the same time with failing kidneys, the wife from cancer, the daughter from the trauma of a car accident. Grim coincidence, indeed. Both required a kidney transplant, both put on the list requiring donor organs. But Gil, of course, was a perfect match for his daughter, and as it so happened, also for his wife. Trick is, Gil only had two kidneys — he wasn’t like,... Read The Rest →

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