Goodbye, Mookie. Hello, Mookie.

Some of you may have noted that the March 3rd release of The Hellsblood Bride has come and gone. I noted earlier that the book was canceled, though not every site carried that update — I think Goodreads was still insisting it was coming out, despite reality’s insistence otherwise. Which suggests we should be keeping an eye on Goodreads, because it may have gained sentience. I’m just saying. Weaponized book reviews? THAT SHIT IS COMING. Just you watch. Anyway. So, Mookie Pearl is dead. But long live Mookie Pearl. Because, as... Read The Rest →

The Toxicity Of Talent (Or: Did You Roll A Natural 20 At Birth?)

Is talent real? I don’t know. And for my purposes, it doesn’t matter. In fact, I’d prefer it doesn’t exist at all. Yesterday I wrote a ranty-panties response to that MFA creative writing teacher post — and if there’s one area of pushback to what I said, it’s that a lot of writers still believe that: a) talent exists and b) talent matters. Some of them think it matters a little, some of them think it matters a lot. The author of the MFA article seems to think it matters... Read The Rest →

Whatcha Reading?

Once in a while, I like to poke my head in and ask: So, whatcha reading? Like, right now. What is it? Is it good? Should we be reading it? (My own update: I just finished reading Peter Clines’ The Fold, which is a twisty little sci-fi thriller about a group who creates a teleportation technology based on folding reality — and, duh, it doesn’t go so well. It was really good! Also just polished off Delilah Dawson’s Wake of Vultures, which is so good it’ll make you hate her because it’s too... Read The Rest →

An Open Letter To That Ex-MFA Creative Writing Teacher Dude

(Alternate title: Things I Can Say About That Article Written By That Creative Writing Ex-MFA Teacher Guy Now That I’ve Read It And Gotten So Angry It’s Like My Urethra Is Filled With Bees.) Okay, fine, go read the article. I’ll wait here. *checks watch* Ah, there you are. I see you’re trembling with barely-concealed rage. Good on you. I will now whittle down this very bad, very poisonous article — I say “poisonous” because it does a very good job of spreading a lot of mostly bad and provably false information. Let... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Four-Part Story (Final Part)

Aaaaand, FINAL ROUND. Go, visit the page for Part Three of this challenge. Once again we return to the four-part story you’re all choatically cumulatively writing. Your task is to go to the comments of that link above, find the third part of a continued story, and then continue it by writing the fourth and final part of that story. Meaning: it’s time to write the ending. You have another 1000 words to do this. Make sure to identify which story you are continuing and who the writer was. Do not continue your own story. Definitely do end this... Read The Rest →

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