Peter Orullian: Five Things I Learned Writing Trial Of Intentions

The heart of grief lies somewhere between one man’s expectation and another’s intent. Enemies come. But one enemy believes the gods were wrong about his exiled people. And he’s impatient. Nations arm. But one man finds a realm paying for its gearworks with an awful currency. And he’s angry Politicians lie. But one leader lies because he would end the days of slums and porridge. And he’s ambitious. Songs restore. But one woman will train to make her rough song a weapon. And she’s in pain. Magi influence. But one... Read The Rest →

Amanda Gardner: On Writing Perception, The Video Game

Perception is a first person narrative horror adventure that puts players in the shoes of a blind woman who must use her extraordinary hearing and razor-sharp wits to solve mysteries and escape a deadly presence, all without sight. Crafted by a team of veteran PC and console developers (BioShock, BioShock Infinite, Dead Space), Perception offers a bold and fresh take on first person narrative games. After months of research seeking the house from her nightmares, Cassie discovers an abandoned mansion in Gloucester MA, the Estate at Echo Bluff. Once there, Cassie finds that Echo Bluff... Read The Rest →

How Mad Max: Fury Road Turns Your Writing Advice Into Roadkill

Said it before, will say it again: Mad Max: Fury Road is the dust-choked rocket-fueled orifice-clenching crank-mad feminist wasteland batfuck doomsday opera you didn’t know you needed. It’s like eating fireworks. It’s like being inside a rust tornado. It’s like having a defibrillator pad applied directly to your genitals but somehow, you love it? It’s not a perfect movie. But it’s amazing just the same. And part of — for me! — what makes it amazing is how easily it flaunts its rule-breaking. Writing — particularly the very-patterned art of screenwriting —... Read The Rest →

Whatcha Reading?

It’s that time again where I ask: Hey, whaddya reading? What was the last book you read (and how was it)? What are you reading right now? Er, beside this post, I mean. Me, I just finished: Delilah S. Dawson’s HIT — a YA about a girl who takes on the debt of her mother and has to pay it back in a rather unconventional way: kill or recruit other debtors in service to the bank that just secretly took over the US government. It’s fucking rad, this book. It’s like,... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Random Photo Challenge

Flickr has a function called INTERESTINGNESS. Click that link. Go on, do it. It will be the basis of this week’s challenge. Click that link, and you’ll get a page of recent “interesting” photos. Choose one, and use it as the basis for a 1000-word story. Due next Friday (5/29), noon EST. Write it at your online space. Give us a link so we can see it. Choose a photo. Write.

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