Tough Love Talk For Authors: The Good, The Bad, The WTF

Once in a while, I like to write one of those posts where I try to scare you away from this gig — I put on my boogeyman costume and jump out of your toaster and be like, “BOO. EVERYTHING SUCKS, DON’T BE A WRITER.” And then you drop your toast. Thing is, I started to write my scary grr-snarl run away the bridge is out bloggerel, but every time I came up with one of those horror-show items, I found myself countermanding it with a BUT BUT BUT —... Read The Rest →

The Toddler, The Transformer, And The Old Man: A Story

(Related post: a survival kit for a loose toddler roaming your home and neighborhood.) I have not been one of those grown-ass men who collects toys for himself. It’s not that I look down on those that do — it just, I dunno, hasn’t been a thing I cared much about. I have other oddities hanging around (a pheasant killed by a grandfather I never met, an evil clapping monkey, old typewriters and cameras, a phrenology head), but toys? Not so much. Of course, I have a toddler (really, a burgeoning... Read The Rest →

Awkward Author Photo Contest: The Results!

One last look at the awkward author photo photoset, if you care to see. NOW, TO THE TALLY. Over 300 votes (!). I actually had to sub in my wife to do a pivot table to count these up. The results of that are: Which means that our TOP TWO winners are: (#2) (#1:)   These are amazing. Hell, so many of those photos were amazing. (I need to actually think now of the next photo contest because I love this SO MUCH.) Anyway! YOU TWO WINNERS. Email me at terribleminds... Read The Rest →

The Eyeless Gods Of Ello Are Smiling Upon You

HAVE YOU HEARD THE SOUNDLESS CALL do you know the unspoken frequency I have, and I am on Ello. I AM AN ELLOHEAD. Or an ELLOPOLAN or an ELLOFACE or an ELLO-DOER or whatever they’re called. do you ello, bro What is Ello, you ask? ELLO IS THE WAY. Ello is the path. Ello is the DARK SPHERE — it is EYELESS and MAD. AND YET, IT SMILES UPON YOU. Believe in Ello. Give it your viscera. Ello is a social network. It is as if Tumblr and Twitter and... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: One Amazing Sentence

Last week’s challenge: Conclude The Tale! This week’s challenge is deceptively simple. I want you to write one amazing sentence. A sentence that is part of a larger story but is not itself a story — a sentence that makes you want to read forward and backward, but is itself a capture of the tale. Just a slice. (And then, next week, folks will choose a sentence to build an entire story around.) Write one sentence — no more than 100 words, please. Drop it in the comments below. And that’s... Read The Rest →

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