Paul Tremblay: My 1970s Satanic Horror Childhood

Paul Tremblay is an asshole. He’s an asshole because he’s supremely talented, and really nice, and actually not an asshole at all, which makes me think he’s secretly an asshole. His two newest novels — Head Full of Ghosts and Disappearance at Devil’s Rock — are so good, they make me mad at him and make me mad at myself that I’m not him. Like I said: asshole. And then he goes and gets praise from Stephen King? Okay, let’s not gild that lily, dude. Jesus. Anyway. He writes these... Read The Rest →

Letters From Flavortown: The Gospel According To Guy Fieri

I love you, Guy Fieri. I hate you, Guy Fieri. I’ll explain. * * * You probably know, but in case you don’t, Guy Fieri is the creature who ate the Food Network. He won one of the network’s reality shows (WHO WANTS TO BE THE LEAD SINGER OF SMASHMOUTH AND ALSO EAT FOOD ON TV I GUESS), and since then has slowly, like a swelling amoebic infection, taken over the entirety of the channel. I don’t know where he came from. I cannot speak to his origin story for... Read The Rest →

Life Debt: Out Now!

PSST. You. Yeah, you. Put down your Pokemon-abduction game for a moment. Guess what? LIFE DEBT IS OUT NOW. Or, the more proper title: Star Wars: Aftermath: Life Debt: The Gang Hunts Imperials: Han & Leia’s Excellent Adventure: Jar-Jar’s Erotic Awakening 2, Gungan Bombadaloo. You can procure it anywhere where books exist. That includes your favorite indie bookstore, or Amazon, or B&N, or that shady guy who lives in the wizard van down by the docks. I think it’s a good book. Other people seem to like it. The Collider... Read The Rest →

My SDCC Schedule

As promised, my (tentative, may certainly change) SDCC schedule is here. First, I want to say right up front that even if you’re not going to the con but are able to make it to San Diego, a bunch of us are doing an event Saturday morning at the Upstart Crow Bookstore! (Event page here.) Saturday the 23rd at 9AM! Kevin Hearne! VE Schwab! Richard Kadrey! And myself. Come swing by and say hi. Okay. Onto the schedule proper: Thursday the 21st 10AM: Signing! Location: Del Rey Star Wars Booth 1:30PM:... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Is A Pretty Pretty Butterfly

That’s one of the painted lady butterflies we raised in B-Dub’s butterfly garden kit that we got him for his birthday. The little flutterby hung around for a while after release to get some vanity shots, the little narcissist. Raising butterflies was a lot of fun. You should do it. You should do it and then start a butterfly farm because they’re all so delicious and sustainable and you just deep fry them for 30 seconds and them pop them in your mouth and – Whoa, ha ha, hey, no,... Read The Rest →

S.L. Huang: On The Subject Of Manpain

S.L. Huang is one of those authors who, if she ever wants to pull up blog space here at terribleminds, she’s welcome to with nary the blinky-wink of an eye. Her posts prior — one about defending big boomy popcorn fiction and another about unlikable women protagonists — are just so damn good. This one is no different. Behold: manpain. * * * Watch out, feminism incoming. There’s a fan term called “manpain” that fascinates me. It refers to the phenomenon of a media property that excessively and self-centeredly focuses... Read The Rest →

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