Flash Fiction Challenge: Finish That Scary Story

Here’s the prior round! Same rules apply. Go there. Read up on the stories. Pick one that already has its second part written as per the last challenge. Then, it’s time to finish it. Do not choose one where you have already written. Choose a new one. Continue the tale and, more importantly, conclude the tale. Make sure to drop links to the previous two stories — and author credit to those writers! — in your new post. Due by Friday, Oct 28th, noon EST. Write up to 1000 words. Leave... Read The Rest →

Tee Morris: Five Things I Learned About My Writing Career While Running A Half-Marathon

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ll know I’m a bit of a runner. Have been for a long time. I’ve been running the odd 5Ks here and there, but I wanted to really reach for a goal. A full marathon, I’ve accepted, is just not in the cards for me. I will never have that kind of time to train. Not on a writer’s schedule. But a half-marathon? Yeah, that felt right. Something I could train for. Here’s the thing about half-marathons, something I learned around... Read The Rest →

Katie Fetting: Five Reasons Writers Choose To Break History

Hanna is a 1st gen American of German immigrant parents. When WWII breaks out, she seeks to prove her allegiance to the U.S. After rigorous training at Camp X (Google it!), she becomes a spy. Our graphic novel opens in early 1945. Hanna’s assignment? Take a German officer from Munich to Genoa — avoiding the Nazis, the Russians, the Americans. Why? Well, maybe this assignment isn’t exactly ‘authorized’… Ever see a movie with a know-it-all? If you haven’t, you probably are that know-it-all. If so, you relish pointing out every... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: A Scary Story, Part Two!

Psst. Yeah, you. *pulls off werewolf mask* Click here. See in the comments? People have written scary stories — or, rather, the first part of a scary story. Your job now is to continue the tale. Grab one you like and write PART TWO of it – But once again: do not end it. You are not to conclude the story! But rather, leave it open. Write part two at your online space, but please make sure in your tale to link to the first part. Your second chapter is due by... Read The Rest →

Announcing: Exeunt

HEY, LOOK, A BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT. From Publishers Marketplace: NYT-bestselling author Chuck Wendig’s EXEUNT, a post-apocalyptic novel pitched as in the vein of THE STAND about a mysterious event in which a thousand people begin walking together to the same unknown destination — and the loved ones who follow along to protect them, and a second untitled novel, to Tricia Narwani at Del Rey, by Stacia Decker at Dunow, Carlson & Lerner. I am very excited about this. I am so geeked to be continuing my relationship with Del Rey, and especially with Tricia, who is aces.... Read The Rest →

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