Betsy Dornbusch: The New Relevance Of The Fantasy Novel

These are weird days for the country — hell, the world — and I think as writers it behooves us to look at our place and what our work means or can mean in the context of this changing landscape. Betsy had some thoughts in that direction, so here she is to talk about it: * * * A few years ago I wrote a book called The Silver Scar. I’ve been joking since it sold if He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named got elected, at least Alt-America would be awesome publicity for my future... Read The Rest →

The Many-Headed Hydra Of Republican Hypocrisy

I am astonished these days by the bold-faced ballsiness of the Republican hypocrisy. My jaw is perpetually on the floor. It’s not even attached anymore. It’s just a jawbone resting at my feet, as my tongue flops and flips around my rent-open face in moist gesticulations that fail to properly explain the sheer what-the-fuckery I’m forever feeling. It’s probably always been there, this hypocrisy. Maybe it was better hidden, once upon a time. And certainly no political entity is without its duplicities and insincerities — but what we’re seeing now, what is... Read The Rest →

Write Unafraid, Without Fear Of Failure

I am asked sometimes how I do it. Write books, they mean. Or finish books. Or finish a trilogy, or jump from Miriam Black to Star Wars, or switch from novels to comics and back again. And obviously the mechanical answer to that is, you sit and you fucking do it. You say, I’m going to fucking do this thing, and then that’s the thing you try very hard to do. As I said on Twitter today, the ditch ain’t dug till you dig the damn ditch. Beyond that, I can offer... Read The Rest →

Star Wars: Empire’s End (Aftermath #3) Has Arrived

Woo! It’s done. It’s here. *deep breath* *long exhale* Finally, the epic tale of one liverwurst burrito can be told. *checks notes* Wait, that’s not right at all. OH OH OH I KNOW I KNOW It’s time for Star Wars: Aftermath: Empire’s End: Wait I Added An Additional Colon And Now I Don’t Know What Comes After It So Let’s Just Say, Uh, Um, Journey To The Last Jedi? Star Wars: Empire’s End: Indiebound | Amazon | B&N The first Aftermath came out a year and a half ago in September... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Brings The Mystery Macros

So, though the weather was arguably a lot nicer this week than it should’ve been — I mean, it’s the middle of fucking February, usually the most heinous of the winter months, and here it’s 70 degrees out and I’m eating ice cream and wearing short sleeves — I still managed to toodle around inside the house and take some MYSTERIOUS MACRO PHOTOS. I’ll pop that bounty in below, but real quick: Hey, tomorrow, it’s Empire’s End. Then next Tuesday, it’s Miriam Black’s latest, Thunderbird. Star Wars: Empire’s End: Indiebound... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten More Titles (Round Two!)

Okay, so, a couple weeks ago I asked you guys to come up with three-word titles, and you did, in spectacular fashion. It fueled last week’s challenge. And, because you were prolific and I am nothing if not a tremendously lazy human being, I’m going to dip back into the well for another ten titles. Pick one or use a random number generator to choose, then write a piece of short fiction to go along with the title. One change this time around is my picks for title are not random –... Read The Rest →

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