On Twitter, #talesfromblackfriday has begun. (You can find 2013’s, crowdsourced Storified Black Friday saga right here.) (And you can find my own early contribution to 2014’s edition Storified here.) If you usually do flash fiction challenges at the site — well, now you’ve got this week’s challenge: Join the fun on Twitter. Or write flash fiction horror stories based around Black Friday. Post today and today only though — this is no weekly challenge. Link back here if you do flash fiction, yeah? It happens today, folks. Horror and hilarity. The... Read The Rest →

Why It’s Important To Finish Your Shit

Maybe you’re doing NaNoWriMo. Maybe you’re not. Honestly, I don’t give a pony’s patoot — NaNoWriMo is, always, and has been a bit of a stalking horse. It creeps up on you and you think it’s fun and neat and there’s this whole community vibe and then suddenly a goblin jumps out and bellows: “HA HA SUCKER NOW YOU’RE A WRITER. YOU ARE CURSED!” And then the camera pans up and you shake your fists and screamweep into the rain, because you can already feel the penmonkey hex taking hold in your... Read The Rest →

On The Subject Of Cultivating Empathy

Predictably, Facebook is pretty much a shit-show after last night. Of course, that’s a glimpse of the privilege I possess, isn’t it? That for me, Facebook is a failed, unreal, intangible place — and I can turn it off, or I can filter out the conversation and look at funny Buzzfeed articles instead, or I can wall myself off and post pictures of my kid and my dog. Ferguson, though, isn’t like that. The rest of the real world isn’t like that. Some folks — again, not me, because I’m white... Read The Rest →

NaNoWriMo: One Week To Go

So, those of you doing NaNoWriMo — how’s it going? Still in? Not in any longer? What’s the scoop? Is there anything anyone here can help you with to get you past this last week’s worth of feverish squirrel-bitten wordsmithy? Also, feel free to take a favorite sentence or even a paragraph from your work and drop it into the comments below. Swing into the comments space and talk it out. Ask questions. Yell at the clouds. Drop some mad rhymes. I mean, if you have mad rhymes to drop. With one... Read The Rest →

I Am A Racist And I Am A Sexist And Probably Some Other -Ists, Too

This is one of those posts I’m a little bit afraid to write, which at least is the sign of an interesting post, and occasionally the sign of a post that needs to get written. I’m hoping — ha ha heh heh ahem gulp fingers crossed — it’s the latter. (It’s also a way long post, so, erm — sorry?) Hi, I’m the Internet’s Chuck Wendig, and I’m a racist. And also a sexist. And probably a handful of other “*-ists,” too. I know. You’re saying, “Chuck, but you’re a feminist. And... Read The Rest →

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