Rape In Fiction (Or: “Oh, Game of Thrones, Really?”)

(No super-spoilers, but this will talk in vague terms about the latest Game of Thrones episode.) (You are warned.) (No, really.) (WARNING.) (*flails*) (THE BRIDGE IS OUT) (FACEBEES) (AAAAAAH) Okay. The latest Game of Thrones episode has a rather, erm, pivotal rape scene in it. Without getting too specific, a normally very powerful woman is very clearly raped during a moment of weakness. And it’s super-gross, in part because the sex in the books is — reportedly, as I have not read them — consensual. In part also because one of these characters has... Read The Rest →

Now Available: 500 Ways To Write Harder

My newest e-book writing release is now available. You have a handful of ways to buy this, were you so inclined. First: Amazon, $2.99. Second: direct from me using this button (or link): Third: as part of a seven-book, name-your-own price bundle using this button (or link): Finally: B&N, $2.99. Book Description “Chuck Wendig’s Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey is full of the kind of writing advice I wish I’d gotten in school. Practical, brutally honest, and done with the kind of humor that will make it stick in your brain. Whether you’re... Read The Rest →

Opening Line Challenge: Faves & Winners

The opening line challenge is always a fun one — and this time, we had ~500 entries (!!?), which took quite a bit of reading just to get through. BUT I DID, and lo, was rewarded by a great deal of awesome. I’ve picked my favorites below, but even still, had to pick three as winners. Those three are bolded and asterisked. Winners: write me at terribleminds at gmail dot com. Congrats! And well done, folks. * * * * The deck of the airship swarmed with wild-eyed girls gnashing... Read The Rest →

Firing Cupcake Cannons In 3… 2… 1…

It is my birthday. I dare not say how old I am, though I will say that I have only one more birthday after this one where I can say I am not yet 40. Holy crap, 40? Who let that happen? *shudder* Anyway, it’s my birthday, and I would like to Reverse the Natal Polarity and give you something. Here’s a free e-book. This is 500 Ways To Tell A Better Story. You’ll find that I’m tossing you PDF, ePub, and Kindle versions. Link good for today only. So, enjoy... Read The Rest →

The Full-Time Writer

This is one of the questions most frequently asked of me. How do you become a full-time writer? I am, and have been, a full-time writer (on and off) for the last ten years. The most recent “off” period, many moons ago, was simply because I was trying to get a mortgage on a first home, and the bank was like, “OH YOU’RE A FREELANCE WRITER SURE, SURE, WE KNOW WHAT THAT IS, EXCEPT THERE’S NO BUTTON ON MY COMPUTER THAT SAYS ‘GIVE FREELANCER A MORTGAGE NO MATTER HOW MUCH... Read The Rest →

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