Macro Monday Dreams Of Autumn, And Bears Bad News

All right, summer, you’re too damn hot to handle. It’s time to go, chop chop, let’s bring fall in. Let’s get some pretty leaves falling, some cooler air, some nice breezes, some kids back to school — hell, I’ll even take the traditional AUTUMNAL PRACTICE of the PUMPKIN SPICE ENEMA. That’s a thing, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure it’s a thing. That macro there is, by the way, a fallen leaf with some waterdrops on it. Now, onward, to news-shellacked tiddle-bits. GeekDad reviewed Invasive! “Wendig’s short and sweet chapters will... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Behold The Idiomatic!

The Idiomatic. I love it. It basically mashes up a couple-few idioms into something new and very possibly inane, and very possibly wise. (Example: “God shouldn’t cross the bridge till you come to it.” What does that mean? I don’t know! But damnit, I like it.) It forms the backbone of today’s fiction challenge. Click it. Get a fake mash-up idiom you like. (Re-clicks are fine, obviously.) Then use it in a story. That’s it. Length: ~1000 words Due by: Friday, September 2nd, noon EST (holy shit, it’ll be September soon, you guys)... Read The Rest →

Five Things I Learned Writing Invasive

[So, I get to do one of these right? I think I’m allowed. Don’t look at me like that. IT’S MY BLOG AND I’LL DO WHAT I WANT. *kicks sand in your face* *and by sand, I mean ants* *fire ants*] “Think Thomas Harris’ Will Graham and Clarice Starling rolled into one and pitched on the knife’s edge of a scenario that makes Jurassic Park look like a carnival ride. Another rip-roaring, deeply paranoid thriller about the reasons to fear the future.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review) Hannah Stander is... Read The Rest →

Writing Is Work, And It’s Art, Except When It’s Not

Recently, there had been that Twitter meme going around about your first seven jobs — I played, did my list, and I put “writer” on there because it was, is, and hopefully shall remain, a job. But it’s also not a job — for some, it’s a hobby, for others, an art form, for others still, merely an aspiration. And for many of us, it’s all of those things bound up with duct tape and shoved in the trunk of a fast-speeding car about to careen off a cliff. I had... Read The Rest →

Writing: Longevity, Patience, And Shittin’ Pants (A Storify)

So, the other day on Twitter I summoned up a tweetstorm about writing and publishing and the advice I gave to a power company worker who came here the other day to change out a meter. BEHOLD THE LURID TALE. (Original link to Storify here, if you need it.) [View the story “Longevity, Patience, And Shittin’ Pants” on Storify]

Macro Monday Looks A Little Like Snaggletooth

That is a ladybug, up close. It is not my best photo but I wanted to post it. Why, you ask? We think of ladybugs like they’re these cute little buggie-wuggies — and at a distance, they are. Toodling along, munching on aphids (this guy is in fact slurping up the last remains of an aphid — basically, licking his plate clean). But look at that face. LOOK AT THAT FACE. JESUS GOD IN HEAVEN WHAT THE HELL, LADYBUG And then I thought, you know what that ladybug looks like?... Read The Rest →

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