In Which We Are Thankful For The Legacy Of Others

Listen, so there’s some guy in YA who stepped in it — the long and short is, he came out of nowhere, sold a six-figure debut out of a self-published YA book, and then took some time to step up to the podium to maybe kinda sorta shit on young adult literature and bluster about female characters and — well, you know how it goes. This is not really new. If you want to follow the story back more completely, you’d do well by looking at the Twitter feed of someone... Read The Rest →

Zer0es Price Drop, The Goodreads Choice Awards, And More

Some quick news bits: First, Zer0es on Amazon Kindle is $1.99 for the week — ending Cyber Monday, I believe! Feel free to go check it out, and if you care to spread the word, then I will Cyber Hug you. I mean, only if you want. ONLY CONSENSUAL CYBER-HUGS. Otherwise, it’ll be a long-distance cyber-high-five. Anyway! If you want a book about five very different hackers going up against a sinister self-aware NSA surveillance program, please to enjoy for under two bucks, limited time only, free Cinnabon with purchase wait... Read The Rest →

NaNoWriMo Challenge: A Snippet Of Your Work, If You Please

So, Friday I wasn’t able to lock and load a new flash fiction challenge — I got back too late from traveling, and whilst on the road it’s incredibly difficult to actually work on new blog stuff (WordPress in mobile format makes that trickier than I’d like). But, really, that’s probably okay — the flash challenges go by the wayside during the month of November for obvious reasons. As such, I’d like to posit a different challenge: Go to your online space. Grab 1000 words of your NaNoWriMo work-in-progress (or,... Read The Rest →

Eddy Rivas: Bad Writing Habits I Learned From Video Games (Plus A Few Good Ones, Too)

Eddy Rivas is one of the writers behind Red Vs. Blue, and it seems only appropriate that he’s here to talk about writing habits both good and bad he got from video games. Bad: Tutorial Levels You’ve just started a new game. You’re a zombie monkey slaying space marine with biceps that border on cancerous. It’s time to start teaching those undead monkeys who’s boss in this galaxy, but first, you’re going to have to listen to a technician teach you how to look up. And then down. And then... Read The Rest →

Further Thoughts On Your Story’s Midpoint, Starring Darth Vader

Yesterday, I wrote ten tips to get you tightening up the middle of your story, and the way to do that is to focus on the midpoint of the narrative. Right? Right. I HAVE MORE THOUGHTS. SIT COMFORTABLY. STRAP IN. PLEASE HOLD STILL AS ROBOTS ADMINISTER MY THOUGHTS TO YOUR BRAIN WITH AN IDEA-INJECTOR. The midpoint, as I noted, is not a long flat line — it’s not a stretch of horse-killing swamp or a sad pair of rain-soaked underwear hanging on a clothes line. It’s a knife in the table. It’s... Read The Rest →

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