Divergent Tastes In Books?

It’s banned books week. This is not about that, not exactly, not really much at all, but just the same, I wanted to ask two questions. Two questions about your taste in books and how they relate to the taste of others. 1.) What book do you love that other people seem to hate? 2.) What book do you hate that other people seem to love? I don’t just want names and authors listed — I’d love to hear your reasons. And this isn’t meant to start a war on taste... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Conclude The Tale (Part III)

Last week was the second part of the continuing story challenge — this week? It’s time to bring it to a close. Go. Find a story that already has two parts written. Now, complete it with a final 500 words. Choose a story you have not yet helped to write. Post the first and second parts together with your concluding climax at your blog or other online space, and do so by next Friday, noon EST. Have fun with it. So endeth your mission!

David Barnett: Five Things I Learned Writing Gideon Smith And The Brass Dragon

Nineteenth century London is the center of a vast British Empire, a teeming metropolis where steam-power is king and airships ply the skies, and where Queen Victoria presides over three quarters of the known world—including the east coast of America, following the failed revolution of 1775.Young Gideon Smith has seen things that no green lad of Her Majesty’s dominion should ever experience. Through a series of incredible events Gideon has become the newest Hero of the Empire. But Gideon is a man with a mission, for the dreaded Texas pirate Louis... Read The Rest →

Beth Cato: ACME Anvils and the Long Unicorn Ride to Publication

Hey! It’s Beth Cato! Beth Cato, one of the tacolytes at the Holy Taco Church! Beth Cato, the high priestess of churromancy who will give you a recipe for stuffed churro nuggets. (Confession: my nickname at pro wrestling camp was “Stuffed Churro Nuggets.”) Beth Cato, author of brand spanking new novel The Clockwork Dagger, which, oh yeah, just got profiled at Entertainment Weekly. Here she is, to talk about the long unicorn ride to publication. * * * When you’re a writer, it’s all about trading up to a better set... Read The Rest →

Awkward Author Photo: The Contest

I’m running a contest. I want you to take an author photo of yourself. You know — an author photo, the photo that is meant to go in the back of the book? Or the one that exists on the author’s website, Twitter, and other marketing materials? Author photos can be classy, great, compelling, curious, funny. But some of them can be a little bit awkward. (The hand under the chin, for instance: a classic awkward author look.) So! I thought, HA HA HA let’s do that. I’ll run a... Read The Rest →

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