Star Wars Aftermath — My Spoilers And Yours

Holy shit, it’s out! It’s midnight. It’s Force Friday. Which means… The first of the Aftermath trilogy lands on bookshelves (and ideally into your little robot hands) today. It’s been awesome writing this book and getting it out into the world. I think it’s going to be a book people either love or hate — you know, it’s a book with a heaping helping of HOT EXPECTATION GRAVY slathered over its many pages, so, any time that happens you run the risk of the hype becoming a monster to which the book could... Read The Rest →

Seb Doubinsky: Five Things I Learned Writing Song Of Synth

Synth is a drug able to induce hallucinations indistinguishable from reality. But it’s brand new, highly addictive, and more than likely dangerous. Even the dealers peddling the pills don’t know what long-term effects the drug will have on its users. For Markus Olsen, Synth offers an easy escape from his crumbling life. Markus, an ex-hacker, has been caught red-handed. While his friends were sent to jail for thirty years, Markus decided to cooperate, agreeing to lend his services and particular criminal expertise to Viborg City’s secret service, aiding the oppressive... Read The Rest →

Why Star Wars Matters To Me

My son, four years old, said he wanted to go outside and play Star Wars. I said shit yeah, kid, let’s do it. So he got his Darth Vader lightsaber, and gave me this foam sword that’s more like a medieval knight’s sword, and we headed outside. He said he wanted to be Kylo Ren. I didn’t even realize he knew who Kylo Ren was. He told me I was Darth Vader, and that Ren was now a good guy, and he was fighting Darth Vader. So, we battled for... Read The Rest →

Aliette de Bodard: The Character At The Heart Of The Book

Aliette de Bodard is one of those authors whose talent will destroy any sense of self you have, which means you really have no choice but to jump in and be taken away by the power of her prose. She wanted to come by and talk about the nature of character inside fiction — and how the world is seen through their lens, and how the character is seen by the reader. * * * In a modern genre book, the protagonist is an important notion: working out who they... Read The Rest →

Fran Wilde’s Somewhat Questionable Answers To All Your Publishing Questions

Fran Wilde said she wanted to answer all the publishing questions ever in the universe, and I said, hey, sure. I could use the vacation. So here she is, with all the answers to all* the publishing questions you have ever had. Also, her debut novel Updraft is out today, which you need to go get with your sticky book-desiring hands. Oh. Oh! I’ll also be at Doylestown Bookshop with her tomorrow night, talking with her about that very book. Come say hi! * two publishing questions * * * When... Read The Rest →

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