Happy Star Wars Day, And May The Fourth Be With You

GET IT BECAUSE IT’S MAY AND IT’S THE FOURTH OF MAY AND THERE’S THAT THING THEY SAY IN THOSE MOVIES MAY THE FORCE — snicker — BE WITH YOU MAY THE FOURTH — tee hee — BE WITH YOU I DIDN’T INVENT THE JOKE BUT IT’S A GOOD ONE anyway So! To celebrate May the 4th, as you may know, I’ll be at the Cherry Hill Library tonight, and you can nab tickets here or, I assume, come by and buy tix at the door. I’ll talk Star Wars and other... Read The Rest →

Hello, I Have Anxiety, How Are You?

May is Mental Health Awareness month. It is now May. So, hello, mental health. I am aware of you. I am aware of you because my mental health is on the whole plenty good, until it’s not. And when it’s not, it’s like my brain and my heart are Thelma & Louiseing it off a cliff — driving the car right off the edge. Zoom. Crunch. Explode. What happens when this happens is I suffer rather intense anxiety. My anxiety is a many-flavored thing, though usually it focuses on DEATH and HEALTH and... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Gets Moist

I issued a photo challenge last week to Paul Weimer and Sarah Chorn last week about capturing a dandelion macro — a dandelion gone to seed with waterdrops. I’ve seen such beautiful photos and I’d never been able to capture one myself that I was really happy with. And then lo and behold, we had one of those rains that was less a rain and more a persistent mist, and whenever that happens, I tend to get very interesting waterdrop shots. And so, I hunted up a dandelion and finally got a... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Ten Titles You Made Up…

From last week’s selection, I’ve got ten titles for you. Pick one and go. (Note that the parentheticals are who came up with the title.) The rules are standard: Length: ~1000 words Due by: 5/6, noon EST Post at your online space, drop a link in the comments, and boom. Still Turnstiles at Station 6 (Lori Schechter) The Girl Who Surfed Tsunamis (Christopher) Murder and Wine and the Oblong Door (Migo) The Blood Lottery (Marion) A Pretentious Title For a Pretentious Story (thisdamkid) The Blind Tattooist (Russell) Jeremy Pocket and... Read The Rest →

We Have A Problem

I am going to warn you up front that this post will offer little of value. You won’t find much focus here. I don’t have any great takeaways. I don’t have any solutions. I stand here between the polar forces of optimism and anger, trying to reach for one while shielding myself from the other. Part of me wants to retreat from the conversation entirely, to escape the culture and to settle down in a shack and sit and put on headphones and just wait it all out. The culture... Read The Rest →

Leanna Renee Hieber: What To Do When The Bottom Drops Out

I have the pleasure to know the spectral presence known as “Leanna Renee Hieber,” who does not write books so much as she breathes them effortlessly into being with sheer pneuma. She’s awesome, and so you will sit very politely and listen to her tale of publishing woe — a tale with a much happier ending, a tale that tells the message of how the best thing you can do as a writer is hang the fuck in there. Because you’re only out when you bow out. * * * Peoples... Read The Rest →

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