A.A. George: Gen Con’s Featured Speaker Panels Cannot Be Missed

Gen Con did something pretty great this year, which is to say, it made sure to ensure gender parity across its guests and featured speakers and also started to address other disparities, too. Some of you may know that I cut my teeth in the paper RPG industry, working for over a decade with White Wolf and other game companies — I know too then that the game industry’s audience and its creators are wildly diverse, even as the industry often only chose to actively reflect the white guys like, well,... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Eats Ants On Thursday, Zorak Is Your God Now

We have a Japanese beetle problem, and really, the best way to handle Japanese beetles is to hand-pick them. If you ever use the bag traps, you note a disclaimer that says you need to change the bag traps often because Japanese beetles are repelled by the smell of their own dead. Which should give you an idea as to how I control the beetles — I hand pick them, I squish them, and then I leave their corpses there. It works. It reduces their attacks on our plants (the... Read The Rest →

News Nibblings In A Savory Gravy, Baby

THINGS AND STUFF AND NYAAAARGH You’ll forgive me — for the past two weeks I’ve been in San Diego, sampling beaches and zoos and the fart-scented, soul-flensing flesh tornado that is SAN DIEGO COMICCON, which was an awesome, energizing, tiring, maddening, and overall fun experience. I met Wiliam Gibson! I marveled at Margaret Atwood at a distance! (Both have comics out, you know: Atwood’s Angel Catbird, and Gibson’s Archangel.) I hung with grand homies like Kevin Hearne, Victoria Schwab, Adam Christopher, Richard Kadrey, Jason Hough, and more. I got to... Read The Rest →

The Politician and the Plague: Magma Enemas, Shit Scorpions, And The Truth About How Many Boxes We Get

I went on a bit of a ranty-pants tear the other night on Twitter whilst coming down off the high that was SDCC, and so I’ve gone ahead and Storified it here, with some additional thoughts added below for your amusement, edification, or irritation – [View the story “The Politician And The Plague” on Storify] This election is really something special. And it’s something special in the way that watching a dog eat a baby is special. It’s not a special you want, but it’s the special you get, and... Read The Rest →

Paul Tremblay: My 1970s Satanic Horror Childhood

Paul Tremblay is an asshole. He’s an asshole because he’s supremely talented, and really nice, and actually not an asshole at all, which makes me think he’s secretly an asshole. His two newest novels — Head Full of Ghosts and Disappearance at Devil’s Rock — are so good, they make me mad at him and make me mad at myself that I’m not him. Like I said: asshole. And then he goes and gets praise from Stephen King? Okay, let’s not gild that lily, dude. Jesus. Anyway. He writes these... Read The Rest →

Letters From Flavortown: The Gospel According To Guy Fieri

I love you, Guy Fieri. I hate you, Guy Fieri. I’ll explain. * * * You probably know, but in case you don’t, Guy Fieri is the creature who ate the Food Network. He won one of the network’s reality shows (WHO WANTS TO BE THE LEAD SINGER OF SMASHMOUTH AND ALSO EAT FOOD ON TV I GUESS), and since then has slowly, like a swelling amoebic infection, taken over the entirety of the channel. I don’t know where he came from. I cannot speak to his origin story for... Read The Rest →

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