The Toddler, The Transformer, And The Old Man: A Story

(Related post: a survival kit for a loose toddler roaming your home and neighborhood.) I have not been one of those grown-ass men who collects toys for himself. It’s not that I look down on those that do — it just, I dunno, hasn’t been a thing I cared much about. I have other oddities hanging around (a pheasant killed by a grandfather I never met, an evil clapping monkey, old typewriters and cameras, a phrenology head), but toys? Not so much. Of course, I have a toddler (really, a burgeoning... Read The Rest →

Awkward Author Photo Contest: The Results!

One last look at the awkward author photo photoset, if you care to see. NOW, TO THE TALLY. Over 300 votes (!). I actually had to sub in my wife to do a pivot table to count these up. The results of that are: Which means that our TOP TWO winners are: (#2) (#1:)   These are amazing. Hell, so many of those photos were amazing. (I need to actually think now of the next photo contest because I love this SO MUCH.) Anyway! YOU TWO WINNERS. Email me at terribleminds... Read The Rest →

The Eyeless Gods Of Ello Are Smiling Upon You

HAVE YOU HEARD THE SOUNDLESS CALL do you know the unspoken frequency I have, and I am on Ello. I AM AN ELLOHEAD. Or an ELLOPOLAN or an ELLOFACE or an ELLO-DOER or whatever they’re called. do you ello, bro What is Ello, you ask? ELLO IS THE WAY. Ello is the path. Ello is the DARK SPHERE — it is EYELESS and MAD. AND YET, IT SMILES UPON YOU. Believe in Ello. Give it your viscera. Ello is a social network. It is as if Tumblr and Twitter and... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: One Amazing Sentence

Last week’s challenge: Conclude The Tale! This week’s challenge is deceptively simple. I want you to write one amazing sentence. A sentence that is part of a larger story but is not itself a story — a sentence that makes you want to read forward and backward, but is itself a capture of the tale. Just a slice. (And then, next week, folks will choose a sentence to build an entire story around.) Write one sentence — no more than 100 words, please. Drop it in the comments below. And that’s... Read The Rest →

The Heartland Books Are Kindle Daily Deals Today

  Well, Lord and Lady, Jeezum Crow, and King Hell! Looks like the two Heartland books are on sale today as Kindle Daily Deals! Both Under the Empyrean Sky and Blightborn are $1.99 today. (And, for added fun, the Gwennie short, “The Wind Has Teeth Tonight,” is $0.99.) Just click the links to check ‘em out. (You can also add Whispersync audio for cheap, too.) I’m proud of these books, and I like to think that they’re a lot of fun (bloodthirsty corn, secret hobos, robot farm equipment, humans turning... Read The Rest →

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