Flash Fiction Challenge: Inspired By InspiroBot!

I advise you to click here: INSPIROBOT. There, you will find the ability to generate algorithmic inspirational memes. Just like the one at the fore of this post. You can either: a) generate your own or b) use the one above. From there, design a piece of short fiction around that, um, “inspiration.” Use the text in the story if possible. Otherwise, just use it as a springboard to delightful story weirdness. Length: ~1000 words Due by: Friday, the 28th, noon EST Post at your online space. Link back here... Read The Rest →

Yes, I Am Now On Instagram

Being the hip, trendy tastemaker that I am, I have now joined the brand new social media network for Cool, Rad World Wide Web Users — it’s this thing called Instagram. Have you heard of it? WELL, I’M OVER THERE NOW, PAVING THE WAY. Yeah, no, I know, I’m way behind. There existed a technological shift in the last five years inside my brain where at one point I cared to stay on top of this stuff and then I suddenly cared less about staying on top of this stuff. I... Read The Rest →

Repeal Without Replace: Out The Plane Without A Parachute

Healthcare and healthcare coverage is an important topic for me for two reasons. 1.) Because my father died without coverage. He went without coverage because he had a pre-existing condition, and he was in the gap between his actual retirement and the proper retirement age, so he went without coverage for a short time until he could pick up Medicare at 65. In that time he got prostate cancer, as he went without any kind of preventative checks. It metastasized. It killed him. And that was that. 2.) Because the... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Was Really Inside Us, All Along

See that photo? It’s body hair. No, calm down, not that kind of body hair. Nothing south of the border. IT’S NIPPLE HAIR ha ha no, not really, just arm hair. No big news to share — well, I have a couple pieces, but I can’t actually share them lest I be murdered — so I’ll just say that, had a stellar event with Kevin Hearne and Fran Wilde the other day at the Free Library of Philly (and ahem apologies it’s why there was no flash fiction challenge, I had to... Read The Rest →

So, You’re Having A Bad Writing Day

You’re having a shitty writing day. It happens. I get a crap writing day at least once a week. Maybe twice. Once in a while, I get a whole bad run of writing days, like I’ve got some kind of creative food poisoning and every day is just the urgent regurgitation of narrative fluids without aim or purpose. It’ll be five heinous days in the word mines, where I’m sweating and raging and kicking dirt. To repeat: it happens. Problem is, these days, these fucking days, boy howdy — they can derail your train, can’t... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Has A Book Cover To Show You, Deer Reader

Look. Looooook. GAZE UPON THE ANTLERS AND DESPAIR. Okay, no, wait, shit, don’t despair. That’s just the cover of my brand spanking new writing book, even though it’s not really a writing book but rather, a book about storytelling, about how we tell stories, why we tell them, and how we can use all the fiddly bits of narrative to make them more impactful. It also contains a deer on the cover. And various personal anecdotes like the one about the masturbating elk. The book is out October 18th of this year.... Read The Rest →

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