Jon McGoran: Five Things I Learned Writing Deadout

In this riveting follow-up to the acclaimed biotech thriller DRIFT, Jon McGoran expands on the theme of genetically engineered foods, and also explores Colony Collapse Disorder, which threatens the world’s honeybee populations. Detective Doyle Carrick’s girlfriend gets a job farming job on an island in New England where the bees have started suddenly start dying off. But when a biotech company brings in genetically engineered bees that are supposedly immune to colony collapse, Doyle realizes the bees aren’t the only thing being modified. So he has to figure out what... Read The Rest →

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: The Wendigo Abides

(Direct link to the video here.) I was challenged yesterday by the inimitable Ben LeRoy (his video and accompanying post here) to either give some money or dump some ice water on my head (and give a smaller amount of money in the process). I figured, fuck it, let’s do both, and because YAY CHARITY I’m also going to give money to fight another disease: prostate cancer. ALS Ice Bucket challenge and donate button: here. Prostate cancer charity: here. In addition, because I am presently a cold, wet jerk (not... Read The Rest →

Polling Your Intestinal Flora: How A Writer Cultivates Instinct

About two years ago, I wrote a post about the uncertainty of being a writer, and how you solve that — to some degree, at least — by cultivating instinct. I’ve no doubt that some people are just born with keen authorial instinct, the same way that some people are born with vestigial tails or magic third nipples that, when squeezed, lactate a variety of flavored sodas. But most of us have to cultivate it. We have to till the soil and grow the plant ourselves. Nobody can do it for... Read The Rest →

Progress Report, Penmonkeys

I like that terribleminds has kind of become an inadvertent writerly community. People gathering around the campfire, burning their old trunk novels, weeping into cans of beans about this rejection or that bad review. As such, this seems like an opportune time to once more check in with you ink-fingered key-slingers and see: How are you doing? How’s the writing going? Tell us some good news. Trouble us with your problems. Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk to each other about it. Got a grievance? Air it. Got good news?... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Color Title Challenge

Last week’s challenge: Charlie And The Whoa What Now? Colors. COLORS ARE PRETTY. *paws the sky* *touches a tree* *drops acid, dances around in a whirlwind of colors that do not exist* Ahem. Anyway. This one is pretty easy. I want you to write a story using a title that incorporates a color into it. I don’t care which color, but if you require a RANDOM COLOR TABLE: Pink Feldspar Olive Azure Auburn Fuchsia Coral Ochre Vermilion Cobalt So, your title could be THE COBALT KNIGHT or AUBURN JONES AND... Read The Rest →

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