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*slowly lowers you into the NEWS HIVE* *where dancing, stinging NEWS BEES consumes your flesh and leaves you as bones* Ahem. I am back from the stinking heat pocket known as Indianapolis, fresh out of the whirlwind of games and writery stuff called the GenCon Writer’s Symposium. It was a wonderful time had by all (or at least me, for all I know the rest of them were miserable), whereupon I got to hang out on panels and bullshit about writing with other awesome writers. Many of whom are friends, too,... Read The Rest →

Peanut Butter GenCon Time!

Today, I am off to the GAME-SLICK WILDS of GENCON, where I will talk a lot about writing and hopefully maybe sneak in a game or two and also did I mention the bad-ass Storium charity game that you should totally go to BECAUSE CHARITY? Anyway, so to go onto the game theme, I figured I’d pose a pair of questions: a) Favorite tabletop non-RPG game? b) Favorite tabletop pen-and-paper RPG game? Use the comments. Get to answering. GO. And if you’re gonna be at Gencon — swing by, say hi!

Fear Is Fucking Us All Up

[disclaimer: I am not a MINDOLOGIST or a PSYCHOHOLIC or in any way an expert on subjects relating to emotion or the human brain, so take all this with a entire salt lick] I just read an article that literally had the headline: THIS EL NINO PHOTO SHOULD SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF THE WEST COAST. (I’m not going to link to it, because fuck that article right in its bloviating trash-hole.) El Nino is so bad, the article posits, that the entire populace of the West Coast of America... Read The Rest →

Thunderbird Has A Cover

And that is its cover. All hail the work of Adam Doyle! In the book, Miriam heads cross-country to look for a psychic who can help her understand — and potentially be rid of — her gift of being able to see how people are going to die when she touches them. But her search is fraught with danger, and her path intersects with that of a dangerous cult of domestic terrorists who want to use Miriam to aid in their mad crusade. You can pre-order the book now —... Read The Rest →

Writers Of Color In SFF: Recommendation Time

There’s this thing that happens sometimes where someone asks about book recommendations from an author and that author — probably a white guy, like me — rattles off some names of other authors who are also probably white guys like me. I don’t believe this to be an actively racist kind of thing, but more a product of an industry that doesn’t publish as many writers of color. And when they do publish them, they tend to remain marginalized because of various institutional reasons. Plus, then you get that excuse... Read The Rest →

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