Macro Monday’s New Band Name Is Skull Angel, Pass It On

SKULL ANGEL, SUCKERS. Bow down and worship. Or something. This week I’m off to Phoenix Comic Fest, and I can’t seem to access their schedule on their site? So I’m gonna post my (tentative, subject to change) schedule here in the hopes that it will help you Arizona-dwelling pop culture vultures. HERE BE MY SKED-YOOL, YARRRR Wednesday, May 23rd 7:00PM-8:00PM Elevengeddon: A Multi-Author SciFi Event — seriously, tons of authors going to this free SFF bookish event, mega authors like Daniel Jose Older and John Scalzi and VE Schwab and... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Thy Name Is Vengeance

I wrote on Twitter this week that one of the chief themes behind the current MCU films is that revenge runs counter to heroism — Tony, Thor, Star-Lord, they fall prey to revenge and it causes them to derail their goals and fail the mission(s) at hand. I want you to write a story of revenge. How it ends up is all on you — I’m not asking you to confirm the thesis that it runs counter to heroics, that’s the MCU thing. You can do different, if you choose,... Read The Rest →

The Wendigo Configuration: Eat The Sandwich, Join The Cult

I should rewind. Last week I said, “Hey, you should eat this sandwich.” And many of you did. Between Twitter and Facebook I stopped counting at 50 attempts by folks to make and enjoy the sandwich, and countable on one hand were those who didn’t actually like it. Those who did like it have joined me at my new cult compound, where we eat the holy sandwich — now dubbed THE WENDIGO, by the way — and we play cornhole (tee-hee) and sing camp songs and go canoeing and also... Read The Rest →

Macro Monday Is Wandering Widely

That photo is of a dandelion gone to seed after a light rain. Gives me the vibe of a UFO coming down though — lights and beams and abduction. That also might be the weird mushrooms in the yard I ate? They just looked so tantalizing! MISTER STARK I DON’T FEEL SO GOOD Anyway. Not much going on here except I am eyeballs-deep into a copy-edit of WANDERERS, a book that will soon have cover copy I can share and also a cover I can share — right now I kinda... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Real Estate

Real estate is fascinating. The buying and selling of houses. The buying and selling of homes — not just a place you rest your head, but for some, your heart. And then there’s the potentially criminal aspect. Or the callous capitalist aspect. And then if you contextualize it across genres — real estate horror, real estate sci-fi, real estate in fantasy, what the hell does that look like? I dunno. You tell me. Your job this week is to write about real estate. In some way. In some fashion. Make this... Read The Rest →

Stacey Filak: Five Things I Learned Writing The Queen Underneath

Yigris is a city divided by more than just ideals. Above, ruled by a patriarchal and controlling society has long relied on the matriarchal Under, home of thieves, whores, and assassins for more than just financial gain. When the rulers of Above and Under are both murdered on the same day, their heirs apparent must work together to save their country and themselves.  Gemma, the new Queen of Under, faces loss, betrayal, grief and a transformation into the queen she must be. Tollan, the young King of Above has an... Read The Rest →

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