Why Is Horror So Anathema In Publishing?

I write horror novels, mostly. I just don’t call them horror. They’re urban fantasy. They’re supernatural suspense. They’re near-future sci-fi thrillers. But definitely, totally, super-not-horror. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, a finger thrust up before my rubbery latex clown mask where I shush you long, low and slow, shhhhhhhhhh. Don’t worry! Not horror at all. *squeaks clown nose to comfort you, honk-honk* Except, psst: they’re totally horror. I don’t even necessarily mean they’re horror as a genre. Horror as a genre is a bullseye on the back of a galloping horse — sure, there are certain tropes and... Read The Rest →

The Forever Endeavor: Out Now

Imagine that you find a box. The box is red metal. On it is a button — black, shiny, inviting. Imagine too that when you press that button, you are transported backwards in time. By ten minutes. And suddenly, you realize: Here is a solution to all of life’s problems. Ten minutes in time may not seem like much, but it’s not much more than we’d ever really need. Want to bet on the winner of the big game? Want to go back and take back that thing you said? Or use... Read The Rest →

A Cooling Mist Of NaNoWriMo-Flavored Novel Writing Advice

So, you’re going to take part in National Novel Writing Month. Good for you. Excellent. As John McClane said in Die Hard: “Welcome to the Party, pal.” Here, then, is a list of quick advice nuggets. You may nibble on these and sample the many tastes. Some of this stuff I’ve said before, some of it is new-ish — whatever helps you, helps you. Whatever doesn’t, just wad it up and throw it into the nearest incinerator. Let’s begin. 1. You win when you finish the book. We set win conditions on writing... Read The Rest →

Five Storytelling Lessons From Hamilton’s America

(Note: art of Leslie Odom, Jr. as Burr done by the inimitable Amy Houser, who did the cover for Irregular Creatures. You can find Amy’s Twitter here, and her website here.) I was going to write a post about The Walking Dead. I don’t watch that show anymore, but even without watching it I’m roughly abreast of what’s going on there because, ha ha, social media can’t shut its mouth for 60 seconds, much less 60 minutes, and so I know who Negan killed in the opener of the current season.... Read The Rest →

Flash Fiction Challenge: Finish That Scary Story

Here’s the prior round! Same rules apply. Go there. Read up on the stories. Pick one that already has its second part written as per the last challenge. Then, it’s time to finish it. Do not choose one where you have already written. Choose a new one. Continue the tale and, more importantly, conclude the tale. Make sure to drop links to the previous two stories — and author credit to those writers! — in your new post. Due by Friday, Oct 28th, noon EST. Write up to 1000 words. Leave... Read The Rest →

Tee Morris: Five Things I Learned About My Writing Career While Running A Half-Marathon

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ll know I’m a bit of a runner. Have been for a long time. I’ve been running the odd 5Ks here and there, but I wanted to really reach for a goal. A full marathon, I’ve accepted, is just not in the cards for me. I will never have that kind of time to train. Not on a writer’s schedule. But a half-marathon? Yeah, that felt right. Something I could train for. Here’s the thing about half-marathons, something I learned around... Read The Rest →

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