The Mookie Pearl Duology, Now Free

I offered these two books last week up through Payhip/Paypal, but that shit did not seem to work. I got tons of errors across Paypal, and I don’t know where shit got borked. So, here we go again, except this time I’m offering them free, right here:

The Mookie Pearl Duology

It’s both books, each in three available formats (epub, pdf, mobi) for your use. They’re urban fantasy novels about a dude who works the literal intersection between the criminal underworld and the actual-literal-monstery-underworld. There are mystical drugs and stuff. They’re fun, I hope. Important to note that once upon a time, this was gonna be a trilogy — so, the second-book is a raw, rough ending if you just let it emotionally end where it does. It ends! It literally ends. It’s not an unfinished story. But there was always meant to be a third book that picks up the pieces of what the second book left behind.

Please to enjoy these reads, Pandemic Pals.

24 responses to “The Mookie Pearl Duology, Now Free”

  1. Hey I just purchased these on Amazon but I do not begrudge the money at all as I am enjoying Blue Blazes a lot and am really pleased it won’t end at the end of the book. Excellent work, Sirrah, as ever.

  2. Two free books – a lovely and generous move. I knew I liked you. I’ve greatly enjoyed your posts but haven’t read any of your books (I know I know) so I’m hoping to love these and then I’ll have to buy all your other titles.

    Anyway, thank you. Seriously, in this incredibly f**ked up time, thank you.

    • I was in a similar situation several years back when there was a promotion that gave free e-copies of Blackbirds. By now I’ve bought 9 of his books! 😀

  3. Thank you, kind sir! I will gobble these as I’ve devoured so many of your others. Much appreciated!

  4. Thank you! I have read The Blue Blazes and am looking forward to The Hellsblood Bride. It is very nice of you to do this so we can hunker down with some great reading material. Stay safe, all of you!

  5. I loved these books! Glad they are getting some love now and good on you for making them free. Any chance for the 3rd book? Would love to read the close out of the trilogy!!

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