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The Mookie Pearl Duology, Now Free

I offered these two books last week up through Payhip/Paypal, but that shit did not seem to work. I got tons of errors across Paypal, and I don’t know where shit got borked. So, here we go again, except this time I’m offering them free, right here:

The Mookie Pearl Duology

It’s both books, each in three available formats (epub, pdf, mobi) for your use. They’re urban fantasy novels about a dude who works the literal intersection between the criminal underworld and the actual-literal-monstery-underworld. There are mystical drugs and stuff. They’re fun, I hope. Important to note that once upon a time, this was gonna be a trilogy — so, the second-book is a raw, rough ending if you just let it emotionally end where it does. It ends! It literally ends. It’s not an unfinished story. But there was always meant to be a third book that picks up the pieces of what the second book left behind.

Please to enjoy these reads, Pandemic Pals.