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You Might Be The Killer: The… Movie?

So maybe you remember in the halcyon salad days of Summer 2017, one mister Sam Sykes and one mister, uhh, well, me, we got on The Twitters and we did an improvised horror story, kind of a riff on a slasher film, but in Twitter format. Shitposting, the kids call it!

(“Sam Sykes and Chuck Wendig Just Wrote Horror Movie Gold on Twitter.“)

(Or, read the whole thing starting here.)

Well, that went kinda viral.

And when a thing goes viral, it takes on a weird life of its own, meaning, we started fielding offers to make our Twitter thread into Something. Movies, YouTube series, cartoons — but at the end of the day, we had two guys, Craig Engler and Tom Vitale, say they had a vision for it, and it was a movie, and we said, HELL YEAH. Because, holy shit, a snarky slasher film from our tweets? Sign us up.

As with all things in film and television, we did not expect anything to happen. Because that’s how it goes, 99 times out of 100 — I’ve had many properties optioned. I have some optioned now I can’t even tell you about. Blackbirds at Starz got really, really far, until… it didn’t.

So, we expected this was just a fun thing, ha ha.

*clears throat*

The movie premieres next week at Fantastic Fest in Austin.

It’s directed by Brett Simmons.

Produced by Griff Furst and Tom. (And, uhh, Sam and I! We’re movie producers! This may in fact be the dumbest timeline, but we are working it to our advantage.)

The character of Sam is played by Fran Kranz.

The character of Chuck is played by Alyson Hannigan.

This is YMBTK.

Here is the trailer: