Apple-Obsessed Author Fella

Macro Monday Will Make It Quick

TA-DA, look, a macro photo. My obligation is fulfilled and now I jetpack away!

OKAY FINE, some quick bits —

First, I’ve no idea what kind of bug that is? Some kind of leafhopper treehopper thing. Speaking of which, holy shit are we inundated with lanternflies now — they’re an invasive asshole bug and we were eating pizza outside at a restaurant on Saturday night and they were criss-crossing the air above us. I went to kill one and a second one landed on me as I was trying to kill the first. They’re becoming as common as mosquitos. And they eat apple trees? Those motherfuckers.

Second, speaking of apples, #heirloomapplereview has begun once more on THE TWITTERS, so hie thee hence if you want to watch me review apples on Weird Apple Twitter. Start here for appley mirth. Will likely be ongoing through the end of October.

Third, look, SyFy did a bit of an article on YMBTK!

Fourth and finally, the first book of my Heartland trilogy, Under the Empyrean Sky, is $0.99 at Amazon, and the audio is only $1.99 — so check that out if you want something that has been described as Star Wars meets John Steinbeck.


Happy Monday, hoomans.