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Awkward Author Contest 2018: Winner, And Now It’s Your Turn

We have our first winner in the Awkward Author Photo Contest.

It’s this fella, who appears to be wearing himself on his own shirt.

I don’t know why I picked it. It sang to me. Like a sweetly awkward song. It feels earnest, authentic, but still preciously gooby.


Now, it’s your turn.

Here are the rest — there are 40 more submissions.

They are utterly weird and wonderful. You will find some familiar faces in here, perhaps.

Your job now is:

Pick your favorite.

Just one.


Go to the comments section below.

Type in the number of your favorite photo — the number that corresponds with the photo in Flickr. Aka, the photo’s title.

That’s it.

Type nothing else, or your vote may not be counted.

Do not choose two.

Choose one, type only the number.

We’ll keep voting open till Wednesday, July 25th.

Enjoy. Vote. See you on the other side.